How Does Affection Solve a Number of Problems with Ease?

Most of the people at some or the other time feels quite depressed and emotionally disconnected, which according to the experts is a momentary case of ‘alexithymia’. However, it’s a phase that can lead to a chronic disease if not intervened on time. People who have problems in understanding the emotions and find it difficult to communicate their emotional feelings to anyone must be simply treated with little affection and empathy.

It’s known that having a person around us, who can show friendliness, understand our emotions and even shower some love can be one of the greatest supports in our life. We can be a good communicator if we have someone backing up with affection.  But exactly what is affection and how it solves many problems with ease?

Affection has different definitions for different relations and situations. Let’s analyze the results of affection in various circumstances.

How Affection is beyond love?

Most of us consider the affection is romance and sex, but it isn’t true. Affection could show the way to get sexual contentment and it also involves romantic impulsiveness. Have you ever thought about the correct way to show fondness to your love? It’s actually a simple formula, a hug and a kiss. Imagine that the person you love is feeling insecure about you and depressed with the thought of loosing you. May be your love wants to tell you about his or her inner feelings, but couldn’t due to some or the other reason. So, if you are aware of this situation then do not let this issue grow bigger and simply give a tight hug to your love with a sweet, compassionate kiss. This will definitely work as kiss and hug are considered the best way to communicate your loving feelings. Problem between you and your lover will surely go away without even uttering a word.

A great help for those who are afraid of situations

There are many instances when adults and even kids are troubled due to their past experiences. Sexual harassment, rape and child abuse victims are tend to be horrified from people around them. These kinds of people should be treated gently with love and care. Because of emotional abuse in the past, they are bound to live a miserable life. Therefore, it is quite necessary to show little love and affection to them. They can be taken to counselors and to psychiatrist for emotional support and mental treatment. This kind of affection can solve a big problem of their life and they can lead a better life without any fear from their past lives.

Affection gives birth to more loving and responsible person

It is true that what we learn in our life is the result of our upbringing. We see many types of persons in our lives. Some are responsible and caring while some are free birds without any empathy of others. Persons who are caring and loving are often those who had received extreme love and care from their parents and near ones. Affection is the most important expression between child-parent relationships. We often see that many parents abuse their kids and even beat them up for no reason. Such kids tend to develop anger and resentment in their minds and grow like this. That anger burst when they become adult and they show the same attitude to their kids and the cycle goes on. Whereas bringing up of kids with friendliness and love results in more responsible and caring adults.

Affection should be communicated

There are many examples when a person has affection and love in heart but it is not communicated to others. This kind of affection is of no use, as it is neither solving a dilemma nor making a person happy. It is very important to shower the love and warmth you’ve in your heart to reap the emotions in relationships. Affection is actually not communication, but without communicating with anyone you cannot display your feeling of affection. Say that you care, show that you love, feel the emotional connection with a person and then see the real magic. If you show affection you’ll get in return the love and friendliness that can easily solve many predicaments and can bring positive balance in your life.

Affection develops with time

Feeling of love and care is not something that happens overnight. It takes time to build up and once it’s developed it is not easy to eradicate. If you feel emotionally attached with someone, it is not necessary that another person also feel the same at once. Give some time to the person to identify the feelings. It also happens that sometimes we have affection of someone but we are unaware of it and not able to identify the emotion. In such cases, think quietly about the person and determine what you feel. Never jump on a decision. Affection is not only love it could be a feeling of friendship and care.

Affection is a true feeling that can develop in anyone’s heart and for anyone. No relation, no situation is specific for showing care and empathy. Even age is no bar when affection is concerned. You can even feel affectionate towards an animal. Being kind and generous to someone is called affection. Let this emotion flow for everyone. Show your understanding and love to everyone and bring positive changes in lives. In present times when people are stressed due to various issues, a slight gesture of love and affection can definitely bring smile on their face. Pat someone on back, give a hug, kiss sweetly or even say ‘I care for you’; I am sure it will create wonder!

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