How to deal with homophobia

Homophobia is hostility towards or fear of gay people. Homophobic behavior is exhibited by people who have negative feelings towards non heterosexuals like gays, lesbians, transgender people but here are some ways to deal with these feelings. Let us take a look at them.

Educate yourself

Never respond when you are bullied, it could make matters worse. Just take a deep breath and walk away. Understand what is causing such homophobic behavior in people. If you are bullied at school then try to take measures to avoid them. Learn about the school literature to find out the policies of the school on bullying. Instead of trying to handle the situation yourself, talk to the principal. Report bullying and find out what measures can be taken to prevent it in the future.

Share your feelings

Share your feelings with the person you trust, this will reduce your burden. Gain emotional support from your friends or family members or other people you trust. Discuss your feelings with them. Let them help you. Do not suffer in silence, it could only make matters worse as it can lead to depression. Spend time with people you are close to and tell them your problem, take suggestions from them as to how you can avoid problems.

Visit a counsellor

Seek counseling to deal with the pain. This is a good way to deal with homophobia. Sometimes, it can be so depressing that you get negative thoughts and can affect your life badly. To avoid such situations and consequences visit your counselor. Let your emotions out with your counselor. Let her design some strategies for you to deal with the pain. You can also if possible arrange for a combined session with the person who bullied you with the counselor. This way it will help resolve issues better. Remember homosexuality is not a sin, so live yourself with dignity.

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