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How to deal with food poisoning


People who suffer from food poisoning feel certain unpleasantness in the stomach. They can be sick and can feel dehydrated due to the bacteria which contaminate the food. If it gets worse, you must need a doctor’s advice. But before going to a doctor, you can get the following treatments as first aid.

Drink plenty of water

You must drink a lot of water as dehydration can be life threatening for you. You can take drinks with electrolytes as they can replenish the fluid which is drained out. Other drinks which are full of nutrition can be of help because you become too weak and would like to take rest. So lie down on your bed for a day or two so that you can restore your energy level and can lead a normal life with a strong immunity system. Some people advice to drink coca cola but it can cause other ailments. Clear soup which can be prepared with vegetables or only chicken is far more superior to the carbonated water like coca cola.

Avoid eating spicy food

It would be better if you take semi solid diet for a day or two because your digestion system refuses to work as it used to be. However, you must not enjoy fruit juice as it is harmful for the patients who suffer from indigestion. You may feel dejected to eat the diet offered to you as it can be without any spice. But, your immunity system gets affected due to the consumption of the food which is contaminated. So resist yourself from taking spicy food. If you eat less spicy food, your body would be programmed to digest the normal diet slowly. Just take baby steps and try to make one change at a time so that your digestive system can adapt to the normal courses.

Include yoghurt in your diet

Yoghurt has probiotic element which is very effective in treating bacteria which has caused indigestion. So you can, of course, take a huge gulp of yoghurt and feel fresh. However, you must find out the vitamins, calcium or probiotic elements written on the labels of the container because the probiotic microorganisms prevent you from getting sick. This can be found mostly in the branded yoghurts. But never eat the kind which has got a lot of sugar because if you eat much sugar, it can prolong the disease and you can suffer from nausea, stomach ache, headache and many other problems.

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