How to deal with the flu

Flu is an infection of the respiratory system caused by various kinds of viruses. Flu symptoms include fever of over 102 degrees Fahrenheit, nausea, cough, extreme cold, sweating and lack of appetite. Dealing with flu becomes easy when one has a basic knowledge of handling it.

Increase your fluid intake

For people suffering from flu, it is extremely necessary to increase their fluid intake. People suffering from flu lose more fluid from their bodies than they can even think of. Therefore, it is very essential to supply the body with necessary fluids, which will help the body to combat flu attacks. Since the immunity system gets weakened during the bouts of flu, it is important to take care of the body and help in strengthening the immune system. An individual suffering from flu should drink lots of water to replenish the body with the fluid loss. Orange juice is also a good fluid supplement, it also supplies vitamin C to the body.

Nutritional food intake is necessary

While fighting against flu, it is important to eat the right kind of food so as to improve the immunity of the body. There will be times when you will not feel like eating. But you should remember that nutrition is an important element of recovery. You should never restrict your intake of nutritional food which will give your body the strength to fight it. Bananas help in soothing the stomach. Black and green tea helps in releasing nasal blockages. Chilli peppers help in breaking up of the mucus in the lungs. Chicken soup is a great food an individual suffering from flu can have. It not only replenishes your fluid intake, but also restores the taste in your mouth.

Keep an eye on the fever

Children are most commonly affected with flu. They have high fever when they have flu. Consult a pediatrician, if your toddler suffers from fever for more than a day. If the child is bigger than a toddler, analyze his behavior to guide your decision. If the child shows symptoms of fatigue with fever which continues for more than two days, then you should consult a doctor immediately. However, if you find that the child is full of enthusiasm for playing, has good appetite and energy, then do not worry. For adults, who have fever of over hundred and three degrees and if the fever stays for more than three days, they should consult a doctor. Pregnant women, elderly people, individuals with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, lung disease, asthma, or individuals with weak immune system should contact the doctor the moment they understand the flu symptoms. This helps in dealing with the problem in its initial stages itself.


Generally, people suffering from flu should take little medication. However, there are times when medicine intake becomes necessary. Tylenol or advil are some medicines to reduce pain and fever. These are non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs and are generally perceived as safe. However, frequent use of these drugs can have negative side effects even on adults with no major health complications. Doctors now believe that a low fever actually helps in curbing the flu. Parents should always consult the doctor before administering any medicine to their children. For children with health complications, the doctor should be told beforehand so that he can administer medicines which will not harm the child. Cough suppressants are available at medical stores, which help people with a dry hacking cough. People with productive cough should not use this. Rather they should use an expectorant, so that the mucus loosens and they can cough up in an easier way. Decongestants both in spray or pill form can also be used to deal with flu. Young children should not be given decongestants unless it is prescribed by a doctor. Nasal sprays, humidifiers, breathing strips can be used. They do not have any side effects. If all these medicines fail, doctors suggest anti-viral medicines as the last resort to fight flu.

Taking ample rest

Nothing works better in fighting flu, than giving the body enough rest and doing minimum physical work. Sleeping works wonders at such times. Your body needs rest and whenever you feel sleepy, listen to the demands of your body. Lack of sleep may have got you into this situation. Therefore, ensuring quality sleep will ensure quick recovery from the attack of flu. If you do not feel like sleeping, lie on the bed and give your body rest. The medicines which are prescribed for the treatment of flu contain sleeping medicines and hence by taking them you would feel drowsy and would be compelled to sleep. The intention of these medicines is to give you correct sleep and hence act on the viral infection inside the body.

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