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Divide work fairly in your business-love relationship

Divide work fairly in your business-love relationship

Being in a business relationship with your sweetheart can be joyful and filling or overly frustrating. It can be either, depending on how you both divide your work, and how well you communicate and understand each other’s needs and demands. Sure, every couple has their ups and downs, everyone fights but the couples in a business relationship together have a different type of fight and frustration occupying them and it is usually related to the dividing the workload, who does what and when does it get done?

One of the major arguments that faced by couples in a business relationship together is “Who does the dishes?” Neither of them wants to do household tasks if both of them are being overly burdened by the business workload. However, don’t worry! You can easily tackle this kind of frustration and drama and can enjoy working with your sweetheart in a business relationship.

This will require a lot of communication, a lot of compromise and you will have to understand each other’s demands and needs. Usually, this conversation and dividing the work should be done at the beginning of your enterprise, but it’s never too late. So let’s get started.

Sort out your likes and dislikes

Step one is sort out your likes, dislikes, talents and the work you think you can carry out the best. Both the partners should make their own list.

Make a list of household tasks and chores

Step two is to make a list of all the tasks that are need to be done. This will include record checking, holding of meeting, delivery statuses etc. Make sure you jot down all the points clearly and don’t miss out on anything. Make a list of all the household tasks and chores. Make sure you don’t miss anything.

Compare your lists

The final step is to sit down and start comparing your lists with each other. This is where the compromise starts. Both the partners should be very patient and very compromising. Think of possible alternatives for everything and manage your time. Don’t forget to manage some time for each other, for that romance full act that needs to be there every once in a while.

Appreciate each other’s efforts and don’t over burden yourself. Don’t stress out too much and try to keep the business environment as friendly as possible.

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