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Discover the purpose of your life and let everything take you towards your goal

Discover the purpose of your life and let everything take you towards your goal

Getting educated, working for the sake of getting of getting a salary to keep the things going on and a family vacation once in a year. This all can’t be the purpose of your life or anyone’s life. It is very important to introspect to get to know the reality and find out the purpose of your life so that you can follow your dreams as soon as you get the realization. Follow few simple tips to find out your purpose in life and move accordingly:

What really gets you going?

What really gets you going

Make a list of all you like to do on a piece of a paper based on the percentage you give to each one on the list. You would come up with a list that contains everything you wish to do. These are your passions that can make your life worth living and can actually spice up your life.

Who do you admire and what do you admire them for?

Who do you admire and what do you admire them for

It is human tendency to have a liking for the things you want to do and a disliking for the people that practice things that you don’t appreciate. The qualities and habits of your ideals actually are the things that can be immensely satisfactory for you too.

What are you blessed with?

What are you blessed with

Each one of us has been blessed with a quality that is particular to the person. If you get to know that one thing that makes you special, you can get to know the purpose of your life. The surprising fact is that you rarely have to try hard to practice that particular talent since it comes naturally to you. Remember, as some are blessed with the ability to sing, dance or act, the similar way you may be blessed with something that makes you especial.

What makes you feel complete?

What makes you feel complete

It may be singing, dancing, organizing things, talking, arguing, dressing up or even the ability to be a good listener. Find out what you can spend hours doing and how special it makes you feel.

How do you really feel?

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You are passionate about things that never let you be a clock-watcher and even after hours, you feel as if you have just started. The feeling must be very special for sure. Living a purposeful life gives you a sense of being complete. If you don’t feel that way, you need to look for the purpose of your life.

Once you get to know what you like to do the most, you can easily plan to live your life around your passion. The people around you can help you fulfill your dreams and you can utilize the resources to your advantage. Even universe has its own ways to get you closer to your purpose once you are aware of it.

Share your plan

Share your plan

Sharing your plan would encourage others to give your their valuable suggestions to make your plan even more effective. It is always good to take an opinion of your loved ones and friends since no one knows you better than them. They are your well-wishers and would always support you with their blessings. Discuss your idea, share your plan and let them modify it a little.

Open up

Open up

Speak your heart out, as it will lighten your mood. When your friends know what you are up to, they keep asking you about the progress time to time, which eventually keeps you on your toes. Your conscious mind keeps reminding you that you must take a step ahead to hold your head high among those who have witnessed you planning to live your passion. Make sure, the person you are sharing your plans with is accountable and would stand by you.

When you know what you want to accomplish in life, the universe plan ways to take you there.

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