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To Create Is Divine, To Reproduce Is Humans

Bhagavad Gita says God created universe and everything else is illusion. Creating is the beginning of a new chapter. You have to examine your thoughts, enjoy your today and expand your tomorrows.

Creation is drug no one can live without consuming it! It is so true and it lies beneath your nose that is why it is so difficult to find.

Creation should be done when one is happy and merry. Creation is about experiences and what others have made you. You are greatly influenced by the society you live with. So the creation of a small decision, consciously or sub consciously takes the society in general.

Imagine in a family when a new member enters into the family it is the creation of the entire family. When a mother gives birth to her child she is creating him/her inside her. The feeling of creation is so huge and kind that it only has purity in it.

Also in an organization when there are expansions programs and creation projects, employees often feel dignified when they are involved in huge projects. The feeling of being a part and parcel of such a huge activity makes them work more towards the goals.

It creates a lot of excitement as well. They feel that it is a privilege to create and set a benchmark for the parts they are associated with.

Creation Is Covered With Mystery

When music was created it created mystery, till date no one has understood the depth of music and origin of music.

God has created human beings and He is the one who gives rewards and punishments. But relatively it can be said that God is neither punishing nor rewarding individuals, He is simply balancing actions of human beings. When the creation of god is so imperfect that it seems He must be continuously adjusting to make worth it.

The law and order in any economy is the creation that the society has made. These laws are created so that they can protect the individuals and safeguard their interest.

Creation Is Transformation

God when created individuals have given a heart and mind to take both emotional as well as practical decisions. It is His choice that the individuals make choices in their lives. Society also contributed and made some laws to be followed. But the most dangerous creation is the one who has nothing to lose.

Imagine if you have nothing to create and nothing to lose the very basic motto of living life is destroyed. Hence one has to be creator of at least something small but substantial.

While God created this universe there must be no choice left with him but to create the world. When the world was created He created individuals with poor as well as strong decision makers. That is why today we have the richest and the poorest individuals.

Creation of anything should be motivated and that motivation should come from desire.

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