Change is the only constant in life, accept it and move on

It is strange how time changes and you hardly get to know about it. If you observe closely, nothing changes on day-to-day basis and when you look back in time, it all looks so different. It is quite strange that those friends who used to give you a call after every single minute are not even there in your life. Each one of us struggles with the fact that you have to move on no matter what, with or without your loved ones. You had enough time to hang around aimlessly with your friends back in college and now find it hard to make time to analyze things.

Accept the realty and live with it

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There are things that cannot be changed no matter how hard you try and those who try to do that always get disappointed in the end. Learn to accept what life offers without questioning it’s justice. You may not have a big pile of money to own worldly possessions but you do not need money to be happy. Time spent with your loved ones actually makes up for almost everything.

Accept those who have hurt you and move on

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You cannot control the behavior of others around you but you certainly have an advantage to chose. Forgive those who have hurt you as the negative feelings you hold inside against them have the power to turn you into an out and out pessimist. Do not let others steal your happiness. You cannot control the way people behave but you certainly can control the way you react back. Adopt forgive and forget policy so that you do not let your bad experiences keep you from happiness. Move on in life and surround yourself with positive people.

Friends may be there forever

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The fact that some people are there in your life for comparatively short span of time cannot change anything. The truth is that it is not the duration but the amount of love in the relationship you share with your loved ones that matters the most. You may not have your friends in your life but you sure can cherish the good memories of happy moments spent with them. They may be miles away from you but you can think of the good times spent with them and feel blessed.

Do not judge

Do not judge others

Those who waste their time in judging others fail to live in the moment, something that is important for happiness. Sometimes it is neither their fault nor yours as some things are meant to happen. The best thing is that you have learnt to live without them and are doing fine. They may not around you but that must not change the way you feel for them.

Look for quality in relationships

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Unlike most others, you may not be someone who is friends with all. It is more important to have true friends in life that could be there when you need them the most. Those who know you like the back of their hands and can read your lips the moment a thought strikes your brain. Such friends are valuable and make your life worth living.

Accept your self

Accept your self

You cannot love others if your do not love yourself. You are a unique individual who is valuable and priceless. Do not let other people describe you, as it is you life and you have a right to be happy. Learn to accept yourself regardless of height, weight and color of your skin. You may have wrinkles on your face but that makes you even more beautiful. Remember, those people who truly accept you like and love your real self. Do not give importance to what others think or say as you are above everything else.

Human beings have no control over time. Everything changes after a while, be it human beings, the way they feel or look and almost everything around them. Those who learn to accept the fact live a happy life and those who could not accept it keep looking end up feeling disappointed.

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