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How to deal with anxiety attacks at night

anxiety attacks at night

With an increase in pressures and stress in everyday life the number of people suffering from anxiety attacks has increased manifold. Anxiety attacks at night is a terrible experience and only the people suffering from it can understand its effects. Anxiety attacks can be cured even without medication.

Work out for the root cause of your panic attacks

The most important thing to avoid while dealing with an anxiety attack is to understand what actually causes the attacks. High stress levels at work are one of the most important reasons of anxiety attacks at night. Sometimes a recurring and horrifying dream also causes anxiety attacks.Try and understand your daily regime to understand your own cause of anxiety attacks. Working out on this can help you to find ways of preventing anxiety attacks and will help you sleep properly. Stress levels are highest at night after a difficult day at work or home which in turn results in severe panic attacks at night.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine before bed

Alcohol and caffeine increase the chances of anxiety attacks. Avoiding alcohol and caffeine before going to sleep can avoid anxiety attacks at night. If you are already a patient suffering from anxiety attacks at night then the best way to reduce its chance is by avoiding the consumption of alcohol and caffeine. So avoid the consumption of alcohol to avoid panic and anxiety attacks at night. Nicotine can increase the chances of anxiety attacks. Try and avoid alcohol by taking a glass of wine but even over-drinking can lead to panic and anxiety attacks. Drinking natural tea rather than coffee will reduce your caffeine intake. Drinking tea is a better option than drinking coffee as it has less caffeine and does not trigger anxiety attacks at night.

Calm yourself down before you go to bed

Anxiety attacks at night are mainly caused due to an over stressed lifestyle. With each passing day our lifestyle is changing and this in turn causes more stress. Work commitments and higher competition increases stress and can lead to anxiety attacks at night. The best way to avoid an anxiety attack at night is to calm yourself down before you go off to sleep. Keep everything off your mind before you go to sleep because if a lot of things are running on your mind it can lead to an anxiety attack at night. Calm your body and mind at night. Think about the positive things in your life rather than bringing negative energy around you.

Talk to your family and loved ones

Talking to your family is very important for dealing with panic attacks. Instead of going to a therapist it’s better to talk to your close friends and family about the panic attacks. Talking to people relieves you of your stress and makes you feel better. Talk about your office work and other things that cause stress. This not only relieves you of your stress but also avoids the panic attacks. Talk to people who already suffer from this problem. When you meet people who suffer from the same problem you can discuss your issues and their ways of handling the issue.

Relax, exercise and meditate

Yoga and meditation are some of the natural remedies for curing anxiety attacks. Yoga is a calming exercise and is very good for curing anxiety attacks. Yoga is not a difficult job and can easily be learned and practiced. Yoga not only relaxes your body and mind but also brings positive energy in your mind and body. Meditation and Yoga are great breathing exercises to calm yourself . Clearing your thoughts can be a great way to start a bedtime routine and start feeling good about yourself and your body.

Medication can also solve the anxiety problem but it is always better to use natural remedies rather than becoming addicted to pills. Sometimes people suffering from anxiety attacks become so addicted to drugs and medication that they can’t even think about living life without medicines.

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