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8 Simple ways to be successful in life and attain eternal happiness

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Success means a big pile of money for some people while for others it may be having valuable relationships in life. The definition of success is different for all. It is important that you redefine success for yourself and set you own goals. Those who always follow other’s idea of success end up feeling disappointed in the end.

Do what you love to do the most

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Those who think that success makes you happy run after success all their lives and never attain happiness even when they get successful in life. The truth of the matter is that success does not make you happy but happiness makes you able to realize your dreams. Do what you love to do the most as it helps you get in touch with your real strengths.

Make your own path


Do not waste time following someone else’s dreams, as you are a unique individual who has different needs and requirements. You must choose your own path of success and try hard to achieve your goals. Live your own dreams and do not follow others in an attempt to find happiness.

Win over all obstacles

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Success is not achieving your goals but winning over obstacles that may keep you from realizing your dreams. If you have the strength to fight against all odds, you are bound to succeed.

Be nice to all

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Your success or failure has nothing to do with the way you treat others. Those who take out their anger on others simply because they are having a bad day take themselves even miles away from success. You are truly successful if you treat all others nicely and offer your help to them.

Focus on all different areas of life

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Those who fail to maintain a perfect balance in all different spheres of life can never claim to be successful. Success means that you have good relationship with your family members, friends and coworkers.

You are not only a good provider to your family but also contribute your bit for the growth and development of the society. You love everyone around you and constantly work on your weaknesses. Success means that you are a good human being who values honesty and truthfulness.

Give your best to everything you do

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You can call yourself successful if you give your best to everything you do. It does not matter what others think or say about you, as you do not have to compete with all others. You must believe in growing further so that you can overcome your weaknesses and keep moving ahead in life regardless of anything else.

Live for others too

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It is important to follow your dreams and work hard to achieve your goals. However, you must learn to live for others too as that makes you more human. Do not hesitate to offer your help to unfortunate others. Make time to educate kids who cannot afford to go to school, love animals and offer help to strangers. You must try hard to make your dreams come true but try to be a good human being too.

What does true success mean?

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Those people who laugh until their stomach aches are truly successful. When you earn a lot of respect not only a lot of money, you are successful. Learn to appreciate the blessings you have, as everything is beautiful.

Develop a broader perspective and learn to look at the world in a different light. When you are able to see through people and respect each one regardless of their financial and socio-economic status you are truly successful.

Success means living life to the fullest and following your dreams. When you have full faith in yourself and put in your honest efforts, you get closer to success. Success means you have the strength to get what you desire the most but you do not let that turn you into a bitter person.

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