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Before signing a rental deal, both the tenant and the land lord should be clear about their understanding of the basic rights tare entitled to both parties. They should be an effective communication about their responsibilities, their expectations that they owe each other.

Once a land lord has successfully screened and accepted the application of a tenant, a lease is signed and a legal contract to occupy the land comes into effect. Certain tenants can be a nightmare for both the other tenants in the same building and even the land lord. Handling these tenants can be tricky as they are well within their rights of staying on their plots.

Landlord cannot interfere with their tenants without any reasonable ground. So it is important for them to memories the rights of their tenants. This will give the land lord a further understanding of the best ways to handle trouble some tenants.

When finalizing the lease, include all the things that you don’t want your tenant to do and what he can do. If there is a situation where tenants are playing loud music, don’t monitor their pets etc. You can request the tenant to find a solution for these issues or ask them to stop what they are doing. The lease in writing is the only form of protection that land lords have if there any conflicts and a copy of such must be given to the tenants.


If the land lord cannot be reached, then the other tenants have a right to request their neighbor to resolve an issue that may be annoying them rest of the tenants, but if the tenant in concern does not cooperate, then the other tenants can address their complaints to the landlord.

Other tenants also have to right to call law enforcement authorities, if they feel that their neighbor is doing something illegal. Land lords can even request their tenants to set up a committee through which certain responsibilities are shared among all tenants.

Maintaining a check on the tenants is the best way to steer clear of trouble, so plan out scheduled timings for cleaning the air filters, air and heating units. Land lords can use this opportunity to check if the property is being damaged or is being vandalized.

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