Healthcare Management – Speaker | Trainer | Coach | Workshops

From an increasing and maturing population, intensifying healthcare expenditures and plea for treatment, to a famine of medical experts and deficiency of class standards, the global healthcare industry is struggling with abundant challenges which are crafting extraordinary demand for healthcare organization universally.

As chunk of a determination to block some of these subjects, the Global healthcare model is struggling to alter towards a more cooperative style. Governments and private segments throughout the globe are discovering Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) to better share the cost of healthcare while appealing better contribution from the private sector to increase the total standard of healthcare service facility.

Furthermore, the provincial healthcare insurance mandate is composed to offer greater healthcare access to customers, which in turn will test the capability of the healthcare suppliers to manage with growing demand for excellent healthcare services. Given the density of the challenges antagonizing the business, healthcare providers, supervisors, dealers and financiers would do well to improve ingenious market policies, rationalize their procedures, and classify new opportunities for budding revenue and cutting costs.

Dr Prem known as a world renowned Healthcare Management Speaker and Coach tackles various subjects to motivate and train healthcare professionals through speaking sessions or dedicated healthcare management workshops. He assist individuals and organizations to be prepared to face the healthcare management challenges in the industry and try to achieve top position in local as well as Global Healthcare space.

Dr Prem provides Management Coaching for professional well-being valuation that is intended to support patrons to examine their fundamental corporate matters. Leveraging a complete methodology, he reviews important zones of the business across tactical, functional and monetary areas. His valuation plans difficulties impacting the health of the business and actionable initiatives that will effectively address such challenges.

Dr Prem has given Management Coaching on various topics, below are some sample from his famous Health management check-up workshops:

Healthcare Tactical Evaluation Training

  • •                    Mission and Vision
  • •                    Target Market Emphasis
  • •                    Service/Product Mix
  • •                    Tactical Advertising Strategy

Healthcare Functional Valuation training

  • •                    Client Facilities
  • •                    Supply Chain Process
  • •                    Revenue Generation
  • •                    IT Systems
  • •                    Services
  • •                    Recruitment
  • •                    Functioning Gauges

Healthcare Monetary Evaluation Training

  • •                    Revenue Succession
  • •                    Economic Predicting and Planning
  • •                    Stock Scheduling
  • •                    Fiscal Presentation Pointers

Healthcare Quality Valuation Training

  • •                    Indicators and Programs
  • •                    Accreditation importance and implementation
  • •                    Quality of care – International Patient Perspective
  • •                    Lean Healthcare Management

Leadership Program Training

  • •                    Making best out of leader
  • •                    Leadership principles in Global Healthcare domain
  • •                    Healthcare Leadership – Unleash yourself
  • •                    Developing Corporate Social Responsibility programs

Integrated Training programs

  • •                    Quality structure exploration and established consequence improvement
  • •                    Assessment of target market study and configuration of facilities
  • •                    Competition Management and acute expansion
  • •                    Income and budget administration
  • •                    Real exploitation of Human resources and fruitful retaining.
  • •                    Infrastructure enlargement and healthcare development design