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Dr Prem’s Training – Time Management

Time Management refers to managing time effectively. It implies allocating right time to the right activity as per the set priorities. Effective time management allows people to assign specific time slots to activities as per their importance. Time Management simply refers to optimal use of time. It includes effective planning, setting goals & objectives, deciding deadlines, delegating responsibilities, prioritizing activities etc.

One needs to be extremely organized to manage time effectively. For example, if you are a kind who keeps stacks of files and heaps of paper at your workstation, you are setting a poor example of a person who manages time appropriately. Discard what all you don’t need. Put important documents in folders. Keep the files in their respective drawers with labels on top of each file. It saves time, which goes on unnecessary searching when you need something.

Another important criterion of time management is misuse of time. For example, one would find several offices with a certain group of gossip mongers. This is a perfect example of misuse of time. Light hearted activity like a small stroll after lunch is fine, but wasting time by gossiping around is not appropriate. One needs to concentrate on work and finish assignments on the set deadlines. Also, one needs to be focused for effective time management. You need to develop the habit of using planners, organizers, table top calendars for better time management.

Training for time management

Time is the only resource in the world that is distributed to everyone in equal measure. Everyone has the exact same 365 days a year, seven days a week and 24 hours a day. Thus, when it comes to time management, it is your decision, and not your circumstances, that will determine how successfully you manage your time in order to achieve your most valuable goals.

The training on time management opens your eyes to simple methods and techniques to managing your day at work and ensuring you remain as efficient and productive as possible. Training focuses on giving you insight on optimal use of time to your advantage.

These professional courses provide you with a set of proven time management tips and tools to help you make decisions regarding the use of your time that will lead to more effective, efficient results in all areas of life.

Why get time management tips from Dr Prem?

Dr Prem is a world renowned chartered consultant, global trainer and strategic investor. He has travelled to more than 30 countries, and has consulted hundreds of leading international organizations, including governments and large private companies. He is also the founder of various businesses and initiatives across the globe. Dr Prem is also strategic investor and provides valuable boost to many companies & projects. How does he efficiently handle all these roles? The key is his effective time management skills. Being successful in varied areas of business, Dr Prem undoubtedly is the perfect guru for training in time management.

His workshops are well researched and provide effective practical techniques to overcome the main culprits that divert their time and attention away from pursuing their most important goals. Through his training programs one can learn how individual behavioral styles influence the way we manage our time, and identify their own behavioral style time management issues. One can also understand how to create and prioritize high-value goals; develop a strategy for aligning their daily activities to support their goals; explore best practice processes for leveraging their time to achieve their goals; etc.


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