Business Operation Training

Business Operations Training

Business Operations form an important part of strategies within any organization as the expected result or outcome of business operations is maximizing the returns from assets owned by a business. Assets can be either physical, say for example a flat that gives returns to the owner in form of a rent; or assets can also be intangible, say for example an idea that earns value in form of a royalty. The effort involved in procuring this value is what constitutes business operations cycles.

Areas of business operations

Though there are several aspects of business operations, listed below are some of the key areas –

·         Developing an effective business operation plan
·         Develop a strategy to minimize the business impact of a crisis
·         Business Intelligence Roadmap
·         Budgeting & Project Management Service
·         Leverage expertise to handle high-level strategy and planning for all IT related operations.
·         Effective handling of data for optimal use
·         Organizing content effectively
·         Improve operations, demand generation, revenue collection, and risk control
·         Take care of legal issues
·         Take care of technology related issues & innovations
·         Optimize cost savings

Training in business operations

A training workshop in business operations will explore how organizations can function in the most efficient and cost-effective manner by utilizing effective business operations strategies. The participants will get an exposure to different business processes, optimal utilization of resources, key strategies while developing operations manual, managing complex projects, production schedules etc to ensure businesses operate efficiently. Case studies of various successful businesses will be discussed through which participants will find ways to improve their performance.

Why Dr Prem?

Dr Prem has wide exposure in the area of business operations. With his knowledge and experience, he can train the participants in globally accepted & followed business operations strategies. Dr Prem has consulted world’s leading organizations to help them achieve their business goals. He has helped many global organizations in evolving strategies to flourish their business. His enormous experience makes him exceptional trainer to bank upon. He has an in-built ability to use his knowledge and experience to translate it into practical ideas so as to give knowledge to the participants. Dr Prem weighs external factors such as competition, emerging trends and legislation carefully before suggesting any kind of professional advice on business operations.


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