Training in Personal Finance

financialtrainingaccaPersonal financial planning is an important tool for the employees to manage their financial affairs.  There are several factors that contribute to the poor financial planning by people today. Factors like shorter working period & longer retirement period, increased cost of higher/professional education etc make it essential to plan one’s financial affairs well. Financial planning is something you should either do well, or not do it at all.

In today’s times, employees do not lack the resources to achieve personal financial goals but sometimes lack time and required education/information as well as means to achieve financial well-being. This causes hindrance in their financial planning, thereby depriving the opportunity to create wealth.

Considering this vacuum, in recent times there has been an upsurge in organizations helping you plan your finances. However, increasing choices and complexities of financial instruments and their features make the selection of right investment vehicle difficult. One needs to be extremely careful and must make informed choice while dealing with finances, as a wrong decision may cause several long-term detrimental effects like wrong choice of investment vehicle, inadequate risk cover and inadequate resources for long lasting retirement period.

Why training is required in personal finance?

People, either due to lack of time and/or proper advice take investment decisions without considering the long term repercussions. Like for example, opting for a low-risk, low-return investments early in life, may result in not having enough money at retirement. Many employees choose the wrong investment vehicle as they lack knowledge on power of compounding and other factors.

Training by an expert who understands this subject well and can make the participants understand all the major factors involved in financial planning leading to an informed decision will be extremely effective in making them understand the implications.

Why opt for Dr Prem’s training in financial planning?

Dr Prem, an expert in financial matters has consulted several companies in how to deal with their finances. Through his training in financial planning, he advices employees on how to plan his/her savings/investment towards creation of retirement corpus and in turn the financial freedom. This financial education from an expert is important because a small investment in this training workshop today can save an employer in the long run by enabling him to have a stable financial situation tomorrow.

Various topics covered in this workshop would be Overview & assessment of Financial Products, Setting Financial Goals and mapping a chart to achieve them, Compounding & its magic, Rupee Cost Averaging, Personal Spending Plan, Real Estate Planning, Credit Cards, Insurance, Mutual Funds/ETF, Stocks, Documentation / Legal Aspects involved, Planning for your Children, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning etc.

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