Business Etiquettes Training by Dr Prem & Associates

Good professional behavior helps build strong relationships between management, employees and clients, as proper business etiquette leads to honest and fair dealings with everyone. Good business etiquettes go a long way in protecting business owners and employees from internal as well as external conflicts by setting a high standard for behavior by everyone within an organization. It will not be wrong to say a good working environment is fostered by good business etiquettes. When management and workers treat one another with the respect and sensitivity dictated by good business manners, it creates a positive working atmosphere.

Business etiquettes can be simply defined as a set of standards for behavior in which individuals treat everyone respectfully and set an example for adopting good manners in all interactions. Proper etiquette sets a tone for clients and customers that the business has a productive environment, and the impression created when everyone displays professional manners helps the company’s profitability as well.

Training in business etiquettes

There are many forms of business etiquettes like dining etiquette, communication etiquette, telephone etiquette, meeting etiquette, email etiquette, and many more. Training is extremely important to understand business etiquettes, as a large number of professionals today enter the world of business without even knowing the basic business behavioral etiquettes. There is a high possibility that such people face a dejection, or sometimes humiliation due to lack of knowledge in business etiquettes.

Training courses in business etiquettes are designed for people who want to polish their skills and improve their professional image. Information is presented in a humorous, relaxed style that cuts to the heart of today’s etiquette concerns. Trainers use hands-on activities to reinforce learning points.

Why get trained with Dr Prem?

It is easier to make money than to earn respect & accolade from people who know and interact with you like colleagues and employees. Dr Prem in his career spanning decades of experience has managed to earn respect from both his colleagues as well as clients, thanks to his good business ethics and etiquettes. With his years of experience in business, he is a right trainer for you to take tips on business etiquettes.

Dr Prem’s training in business etiquettes explains the key basic behavioral styles and how to adapt to each, describe appropriate office dress code, demonstrate effective self introductions, introductions of others, small talk etc, successfully navigate a business meal, and develop an action plan to improve personal professionalism and much more.

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