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The secret to overcoming grief from the loss of a loved one

overcoming grief

How To Prevail Over The Sorrow Of Losing The Person You Love The Most

Losing a person who cared for you and loved you the most is probably the most shattering event of life. Most of the people find it difficult to overcome the situation of deep sorrow. But, it is very essential to undergo an inner pain called “Mourning”, as it helps you accept the reality and accustom to the changes of life. There is no doubt that loss of loved one brings many differences and the person is in subconscious state to handle the condition. After losing their love, people often think that their life has come to an end and they cannot spend even a single minute without their partner. Whoever lives has to undergo three different stages of grief including denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

overcoming grief

Understand Different Phases of Greif

Denial: losing someone whom you loved a lot may seem unjust and unfair. Denial is temporary response, which prevent emotional burden by exposing off pain. In this stage, people usually screen out feeling and information that is quite hard to accept for them and further turns into anger or denial. Exposure may be depicted from excess sleep, drug addiction, alcohol, overeating, loneliness and escape from work. Denial later comes up with overwhelming fear, anger and anxiety.

Anger: anger can be good for health or sometimes destructive, but repression or refutation of anger can result in emotional or physical illness. It is very important for a person to express anger, as it is a good response to overcome emotional pain. By expressing your anger, anyone can manage to come out of fear and deep sorrow. Anger rarely exists in parallel and masks disappointment, frustration, rage, fear and desperation. Self-pity and   acrimony sometimes go together with anger. So , it becomes  very important for a  person to a accustom the secret to overcoming grief from the loss of a loved one.

overcoming grief

Bargaining: This stage comes up when a person suffering from emotional burden try to sweep away the reality of circumstances. To overcome the stage of grief, it is equally important to admit the fact that you go through a situation that was unexpected and unpredictable. You must know that forgiveness is an essential part to heal from the stage that is painful and unbearable. Forgiveness is actually a process that may take a month or a year for perfect implementation.

Depression: Depression is actually anger buried deep inside your heart that takes you in a state of sadness and gloominess. Sometimes, depression is accompanied by guilt and regret and leads to oversleeping and overeating habits. Additionally, you may feel intricacy in taking decisions and experience swift change in mood. In this stage, you can take help from a doctor or a psychiatrist and get antidepressants until the duration you can have potency to handle grief. Crying is a normal habit and tears are curative. If you are crying out constantly, then your sorrow will end up in few months. Depressed people normally lose their hope, but it is very important to allow yourself undergo the stag of dejection.

Acceptance: Acceptance is the final stage that occurs when a person acknowledge the grieving stage and try to move on in life. Acceptance involves focus on conscious action and makes you realize that you have end up living your life. Grieved people often reach to this stage when they are ready to accept the loss.  If you will realize that you have to get on to previous life  for people you love you and still with you like family members and friends, it will becomes  easy leave the past behind.

 overcoming grief

Some Useful Instructions To Help You Overcome The Pain

  • It is very imperative for you to give sufficient time to your pain and grief to heal. Grieving is common process in people suffering from the loss of loved one. As per the report of “Hospice Foundation of America”, few people express their sorrow through anger, guilt and feeling stints of sadness or loneliness. Whether it takes few weeks or few months, what keeps utmost importance for a person is to take time for completely accepting the decisive loss of their life. This is very essential for an emotional as well as physical fitness.

overcoming grief

  • Do not suppress your emotions and allow them to surface. After a loss, people often feel bereft that is completely natural and essential for permanent alleviation. Inner grief is quite similar to physical wounds that need time and proper medicinal treatment for healing. Fully expressed sentiments egg on grieving to go through ultimate state of amity and peace that further brings acceptance.
  • People undergoing this pain can also share their feelings with a friend and can talk to a counsellor. Most of the time, loss brings a devastating sense of misery and anguish. To have a productive outcome, it would be better to reach to a counsellor and discuss all the problems you are suffering from. If you have close friends, you can share thoughts with them.

overcoming grief

  • To overcome this loss, you can join support groups to chuck out the feeling of loneliness. Joining a group can really enable you rest in peace and concede that you are surrounded by people and not alone.
  • Make a proper plan to cope with the anniversaries and events you are probable to feel the absence of your loved one. Bear in mind that you cannot rebuild the past and bring back those memories back. For this, make some changes to your normal holiday traditions. Just have enough emotions to honour your past memories when recognizing the alteration in life. Most importantly, strive to live every single moment of life that is in your hand. Sticking to the past memories will take you back to your regrets and remind you of loss that may lead to future anxiety.

Keep in mind that it is in your hand to surface this pain and grief, as your whole life and family members are waiting for you. For this, all you need to do is to gain strength and confidence just by having a glance at people praying for your well-being and recovery.

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  • VenkatChari

    A good article. The loss of loved ones is a great blow. It takes much time for some people to come out of it. But you should express your grief by some reactions to over come it more easily. When express your grief, your heart will feel some lightness and will not affect your health conditions deep. If you do not express your grief, then it will remain stuck in your heart and make you sick both mentally and physically. People close and near to the grief stricken should also try to console them so that they out cry and feel themselves light with the feeling and satisfaction that there are others who care for him/her in bad times. This gives the grieved person security and confidence and slowly helps to recover himself/herselp.

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