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Terrific diet plans

Terrific diet plans that have their roots in solid science

One thing that most of us have in our minds is to have a healthy and fit body. We go ...

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Quinoa can offer you a boatload of health benefits

If looking for a healthy nutritious diet rich in protein, gluten free and easy to digest, include quinoa in your ...

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body clock diet

Hold yourself to a body clock diet for healthier living

The body has an internal clock that considers timings of the meal and a regular healthy diet to keep you ...

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cow milk alternatives

Consider these cow milk alternatives, which lack lactose

Cow’ milk is rich in nutrients, agreed, but none of these nutrients is such, which cannot be obtained from another ...

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micronutrients in the body

The need of micronutrients in the body

You probably might have come across the terms micronutrients and macronutrients. As the names suggest, the macro are required in ...

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Foods that should stay out of your breakfast table

Although morning breakfast is important to have to give a head start to your day, it is also essential to ...

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Smiling mature woman having healthy salad at home

A high-fat diet isn’t necessarily the devil it’s made out to be

If you used to think that consuming high-fat foods can make you unfit and increase your body weight, then let ...

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gut bacteria (1)

Ways to restore and improve your gut bacteria

In general, when the term bacteria come to our mind, we think of something that would harm our body and ...

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multivitamin  (2)

Daily health guide to vitamins and supplements

There is no need to take any vitamin pills or supplements, as per some experts, but in the ideal conditions. ...

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Moment of pleasure

O Positive blood group people should consider eating in accordance with their group

Blood group of an individual depends upon the antigens found on the surface of the red blood cells. Blood group ...

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Young Woman Cooking in the kitchen. Healthy Food - Vegetable Salad. Diet. Dieting Concept. Healthy Lifestyle. Cooking At Home.

All that you wanted to know about the raw food diet

There are practitioners of alternative medicine who consider the raw food diet as supreme. Raw food doesn’t essentially mean everything ...

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Attractive woman lifting a barbell

Say hello to heavier weights for a better physique

Lifting heavy weights could bring a lot of changes in your body that you probably never imagined. It would improve ...

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