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Things to consider while deciding about the right niche

Things to consider while deciding about the right niche

If you are planning to have a career as a content writer then it is important to define the niche you will be most comfortable writing for. If you are knowledgeable in any one topic then you should select it, since your passion for that topic will get reflected in your writing and help you develop yourself as an expert writer.

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Finding a niche

One thing to keep in mind while trying to figure out which niche to start writing on is that many niches are found in certain mediums while they are almost non-existent in others. As for example, the web development and search engine optimization are niches, which do not have any significant presence in print medium. So if want to target any certain medium then niche is to be fixed in a way that it covers the selected medium as well.

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You can also decide about a particular niche based on the amount of interest it generates, and the popularity of the niche. Growth in specific career fields, increase in numbers in ethnic groups, Google and Twitter trends, all these will help you estimate the fields which are of interest presently, you also need to follow news so that you are aware of the current happenings like for example if elections are close then political writing will be more in demand.

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Aspects to consider for selecting niche

There are several aspects, which you will have to consider before finalizing on any particular niche like:

  1. Type of Writing: Decide between writing for web, writing eBooks or case studies.
  2. Writing Style: The style you have, academic style or a more conversational tone will help you figure out the right niche to work in.
  3. Way you work: You should be able to deliver content as per schedule. You need to differentiate yourself from others by providing optimum client satisfaction. Select a niche in which you are confident that you will meet client deadlines.
  4. B2B or B2C: Decide whether you will write for business-to-business topics or business to customer topics. The choice of niche will vary greatly depending on you choose B2B or B2C.
  5. Demographics: The selection of niche will also vary based on your preference to write for a particular demographic such as gender, geo location or age. 


Deciding a niche is quite important, since it will have a direct effect on the quality of your writing. If your field of passion becomes your writing niche then you will feel that more interested and be able to give more than hundred percent to write about that niche.

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