Scout for the Good Side of People and Imbibe it, You will Improve as a Person

Everyone has a Good Spot

If you are a professional, a regular everyday guy or the next door girl or a 10 year old kid, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is, do you see good in everyone? If there is something one has learnt from Bollywood movies, it is that the worst of criminals have a good side to them. Hence, look for positive vibes in the worst of people. You are bound to spot them. Maybe, that they don’t have their good side on display but then everyone is as good and as lovely as Mahatma Gandhi, you need an easy eye to spot them.


Positivity and Goodness

You can take inspiration from nearly anyone when it comes to positivity and goodness. Yes, there lies goodness even in the mafia. Moreover, this looking at goodness will lead you to believe that you will succeed in life because when you look for goodness in others, you find goodness in yourself. There are countless stories of people who have inspired from goodness of the others and are going to succeed. Yes, even your rag picker will teach you lessons if you look at the good side of things. No matter, if you are looking at the richest man on earth or at a poor man’s hut, good comes off everything. It isn’t from nothing that we hear of brilliant and wonderful stories day in and day out.


There is Proof Everywhere

In fact, the online world itself will tell you of numerous stories that have come off because someone out there had a good side. Be it business, a job, an enterprise or anything else, there is good in everything. If one begins to see this good everywhere, they will slowly succeed and go a long way. Hence, go on scouting for more and more good and you shall be a happier and brighter person. Never stop scouting for good in others because in the process, you will also be improving yourself. Thus, make it a general habit to look at the good and positive side of things wherever you go.


Inspire and Get Inspired

You will not only be inspired but become a source of inspiration for everyone. Also, you will start to live a content life and will be much happier. Thus, get inspired, inspire others and live happily all the time. For, nothing is more overwhelming than the knowledge that you are the source of someone else’s inspiration. Sometimes, it is going to be hard to look at the good side of things. Strengthen your heart, hold it tight and you will be able to see the best in everything possible. Why, even something as dirty as shit is useful and helps human beings to go on with their day to day life.

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Scout for Goodness if Need be

Remember that, the more you look for goodness instead of negativity, the more you will find it. As you go on inculcating the habit of spotting good, you will find that you no longer need to make a conscious effort to find good. In fact, you are doing it automatically. Moreover, you will not only observe goodness at this stage but also imbibe goodness, thereby becoming a better person. Hence, use your entire strength and energy to keep focused on the goodness in the world if need be. You will soon like yourself, your life and the people around you more than ever.

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Turn the Tables towards the Good, Always!

Of course, there are going to be people who will try to put you down. For, bitching is an old age art. You need to turn these people around into looking at goodness. Those who are really good people will join in whilst everyone else will leave you alone. Yes, give it back to them in their faces. Yet, do not forget to scout for the good in the people who just came to you to bitch about someone else. Some day or the other, everyone around you at least will recognise the need to look at the good side of people rather than at the bad side. Looking at the good or bad in people is a conscious choice that we make.

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Choose the Good and Ignore the Bad

It all depends on us. We could decide to be bad, look at the bad things and keep bitching all the time. Or, we could choose the alternative of looking at and imbibing the good side of everyone around us. It isn’t difficult to look at the good things if we gave it a try. It is in fact, easy once we get into habit. Everyone has a good side, some display it boisterously, and others keep it hidden underneath various layers. The result of choosing the good or the bad side of people that you come across depends entirely upon you.


Everyone has a good side within them but sometimes it remains entirely ignored. Hence, make it a point to see the good side of everyone that you come across.

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