How Perseverance Helps You In the Course of Achieving Your Goals


What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is a long word which actually means keeping on to work until we succeed- Sticking to a piece of work till we have done it, in spite of difficulties, failure, and defeats. It is the opposite of getting tired before we finish, being discouraged by difficulties, and giving up in despair. In other words, we can say that perseverance as patience. Though time is precious, still we must spend some time waiting for better results, and to complete the ongoing work as we know that to get something we must lose something.

How Perseverance is needed to Succeed

Perseverance is necessary for success in anything. The proverb, “well begun is half done”, is not totally true or it is a half-truth. It is good to begin well but if we do not go on well until we finish, we shall never do anything. It is easy to begin a piece of work, but it becomes tougher to stick to it until it is done. The bible says, “He that endures to the end, shall be saved”. It means that the one resists everything will surely succeed.

Instances from Life

A boy begins to work for an examination at school. His subjects are new and interesting. At first, he finds them easy and works well. But after a bit, the novelty wears off. The subjects get more difficult. He loses interest or he gets discouraged. At last, he gives up his regular work and wastes his time. When he goes up for an examination of course he fails. A man opens a shop. He is full of hope that his business will succeed, and he works hard.

At first, things go well and he is happy. But soon he becomes lazy and starts taking fewer interests in his shop. Or he thinks it is now quite safe and he need not work so hard. He gets slack; his stocks run out and he does not replace it. He is not so careful to please his customers. Gradually his shop and reputation go down and his business may even get spoilt if a smarter man starts a rival shop. Even if we see in economics, we can have the example of the wage vs. time graph of labor where it is seen that as the wage rate increases, the of doing work increases but after a certain point, we will see that it shows a backward bending curve like a vertically flipped ‘C’ which shows that after that point, he decreases his time of doing work.

Perseverance Always Wins

It is not necessary to make it perfect but it is more important to complete what we are doing. If we want to succeed in anything, we must persevere. No matter how much time we take but we must complete the work we are assigned to. Even if we see in our junior classes short stories, such as the story of Robert Bruce and the spider and the famous race between the rabbit and the tortoise, we can see the result of perseverance.


Why Perseverance is so Important?

‘Victories come to those, who try’! I know that many of you must have heard this a thousand times in your life. But still, not many of you know what it means. A person, who keeps trying unless he completes his goal, can never fail. There is a sure and definite chance of success if you never give up against your problems.

1. Lack of Perseverance might lead to failure

The only thing that becomes the hurdle between you and your success is lack of Perseverance. Perseverance means the ability to face even the most difficult situations, handle them, and keep up a positive attitude. If you are running away from your problems then you can never succeed anywhere. Those people who are determined enough for their goals remain positive and that way they get success sooner or later. Pals, perseverance is one such big thing that we need in every difficult situation of life. If you don’t have it, you may not succeed, no matter what else do you possess.

2. Defining Characteristic of the successful

Today, most of the people, who are at the top (having both name and fame), have a similarity in their attitude, ‘perseverance’. Just because they are something today doesn’t mean that they never had problems in their lives. They too must have had issues, but they fought with their problems by keeping their willpower strong, and gradually they became what they are today. They have Perseverance, which helps them during difficult times.

3. Leads to alternatives

One thing that a persistent man always has in his attitude is that when the conditions are not supporting him, he backs off and searches for another way to accomplish his task. If you will stay in a positive way then your mind can think freely and the chances of your success will be brighter.


How to Persevere to Achieve Your Goals

As they say, quitters never win and winners never quit, you cannot afford to quit if you wish to be a winner in life. Successful people never let their fears keep them from moving on in life. Giving up must not be one of your options at any cost. Success would lose its importance if you get it easily. The truth is that it’s your strong determination and consistent efforts that make you successful in life. Follow a few simple tips to stands strong to achieve your goals:

1. Have clarity of your goals

Timeframe your goals

One must know what he/she wants to achieve since clarity of goals gives a new direction that makes way for your success. Timeframe your goals and plan strategies to reach them. Do not keep failure as an option even when you see no hope for success. Those who keep themselves motivated and do not leave a single stone unturned are bound to get success.

2. Stick to Your Routine

Perseverance is the ability to stick to your routine to get closer to your goals. No doubt, you face many failures on your way to success but when you keep yourself highly motivated, you are bound to succeed. Those who touch new millstones of success always have a long history of success behind them.

3. Remove Self-doubt

Have full faith in your abilities since those who put in their best efforts always get success in life. Do not compare yourself with others since it always instigates self-doubts that further make it difficult to work towards your goals. Develop a “can do” attitude and believe that you are capable to persevere. Those who keep themselves all prepared always get success in their lives.

4. Come face to face reality


Avoid escapism since it is not at all the permanent solution to your problems. When you face the bitter and harsh truths of life head-on, you start believing in your ability and get the strength to carry on. Winners always get learning from their failures and utilize them to get success.

5. Trust your gut feeling

Trust your gut feeling

Your conscience is your ultimate guide. You may use suggestions of your friends and loved ones but make sure you weigh all options and make a wise decision eventually. The wisest suggestion always comes out of your inner self. It knows what you are capable of and what you really wish to have in your life.

6. Enjoy the phase of hard work

achieve success 1

Perseverance may mean working hard or long hours and that too until you achieve your aim in life. The truth however is that all this hard work is finally going to pay off eventually. You give the desired shape to your life when you are perseverant to achieve success. It simply means you make the best of each moment to move in the right direction. You may have times when you feel like giving up or have a tendency to postpone your plans for another day. In such a situation, you must have a way to give yourself a break, which can relax your mind and motivate you to carry on. You can go out with a friend and share your thoughts or walk your dog to divert your attention for a while.

7. Keep Your Life Stress-free 

Stress free life

No doubt, when you are all set to achieve your goals and are strongly determined to face all hardships to do that you get stressed out easily. Practice progressive relaxation techniques or meditate to keep yourself free from depressing thoughts that may overpower your efforts. They say that a healthy mind stays in a healthy body and it certainly stands true in regular life. When you are physically healthy, you are mentally innovative.

8. Make yourself aware of the result

Businesswoman shows ok sing.

Imagine your life five or ten years from now and try to sneak a peek into the future. If you achieve your goals and get successful, you can help your loved ones lead a happy life. You can think of helping others and turn your dreams into reality. On the other hand, those who give up have nothing but regrets in life. You may not get another chance as it is all here and now. Give your best and leave the rest as when you put in your best efforts life offers you what you deserve the most.

9. Look at yourself as a winner

Portrait of Man Cheering

Make a list of all the challenges life threw at you and remind yourself of times when you were unstoppable. You did not let anyone or anything keep you from moving forward. You can do it in the future the way you have done it in past. Think like a winner and act like one to get success in life. Winners never quit in life, that’s what makes them winners.

10. Find your inspiration


The world is full of success stories. There are people who win against all odds and never let anything come between them and their dreams. Those who make history and set new standards of success to inspire many others can even inspire you. The Internet is full of such success stories that make headlines each passing day. Get in touch with their real-life stories and find your inspiration to keep yourself motivated.

11. Get a hang of success

Beautiful modern businesswoman standing in her office.

Those who get addicted to success in life never wait for the right time. They know that they have to make efforts to get closer to their dreams. They dream big and follow a strict routine of work to achieve their goals. Set goals of moderate difficulty level and make constant efforts to meet your targets. Once you are able to reach your goals and change your life forever, there will no looking back for you.

12. Accept the truth and move on in life

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It is not possible to move on in life until you accept what you have and start your journey from that very point. You may not like the fact that you have to struggle for the necessities of life but feeling bad may not be an effective solution. You must accept the truth and make a decision to change it. Dreams are only dreams until you show the guts to realize them.

13. Review your success

Redhead girl with alarm clock on blue background.

The moment you feel like giving up on your goals, think of your loved ones. You have an excellent opportunity to change the lives of many others who value you the most. Without making yourself successful, you can never let others see your best, which makes your life worth living. Timeframe your goals and measure your success at regular time intervals to ensure maximum success.

You get tempted to quit at every step but it is only a momentary feeling. Those who quite get nothing but regrets in life, winners overcome all obstacles, as they are perseverant to get success at any cost.


Final Words

If you have faced a little defeat then don’t feel that you have lost everything and you cannot be a winner. Keep perseverance in your attitude and don’t give up. Keep this thing in your mind that you will bounce back and try again and no matter how but you will win your goal. Remember one thing that no one can meet to a bigger success unless going through defeats. Learn from those previous mistakes and work harder to reach your destination. Perseverance is the only key that can open the lock of your disappointment and can convert your defeats into victories. If you have perseverance then no hurdle can keep you down for a long time.

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