Cherish every moment to appreciate the power and charm of NOW

“You need to believe that life is beautiful and happy now, don’t waste your time being unhappy, upset or angry just because things are not going the way you want, instead cherish every moment and enjoy what life is offering you at this moment.”  – Dr Prem

 Being mindful of NOW, opens us up to the joys of the present. You can enjoy the small things around you, like the cool morning breeze, the serene beauty of early mornings. Basking in the sunshine and cherishing your child’s smile, will bring you happiness which you cannot even conceive. 

Understand the significance and power of NOW

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To live in the present is important. Many religious and philosophical traditions stress on the power of NOW. People are encouraged to resist focusing on the past and the future, and try to enjoy the present. The reason could be, because while working, or even having a conversation with someone, we are forced to be present, and our mind does not wander.

Instead of being disturbed by a thousand things going on in your head all at once, take a step back, and consciously try to live only in the present. You’ll find your entire day will be changed by the change in living in the NOW.

Living in the moment helps you accept the unpredictability

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Life is all about highs and lows. We tend to forget the highs and dwell on the lows, and sometimes even on the lows that may happen in the future. As we grow older, our responsibilities increase manifold.

The challenge is to accept these, handle our concerns in the here and now, and let go of what we do not have a say in. Living in the moment also means to stop procrastinating and doing things to achieve what you want to in the future. 

Cherish every moment to enjoy life’s offerings

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It’s important to appreciate all that life offers you. Every person has unique experiences which cannot be compared or relived through the eyes of another. You must try to cherish the gift of life itself. A fact of life is that it is going to end someday, and though one should not be afraid of the impending, it is another reason to live life to the fullest, treasuring the present moment.

No two moments are the same, and it’s important to engage fully with all that surrounds you at the moment – be it nature, or people or work.

But we must remember that it is our life choices that have brought those people or events into our lives, and we will just be wasting an opportunity if we do not cherish them. 

Why you need to believe in HAPPINESS?

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“I believe the very purpose of our life is to seek happiness. Whether one believes in religion or not, whether one believes in that religion or this religion, we are all seeking something better in life. So, I think, the very motion of our life is towards happiness…”

― Dalai Lama XIV, The Art of Happiness in a Troubled World 

The Dalai Lama’s statement is a powerful one, which encourages you to look beyond perceived differences and focus on what is universal – the desire to be happy. As each person is different, happiness has a different meaning for each. But the need to believe that happiness is possible is essential for all. If you do not believe in happiness, no matter what good comes your way, you will not be happy.

The power of belief can change your attitude and lead you to happiness. You need to believe that you can be happy. This belief sets up the possibility of creating your own happiness. If you believe that you can be happy, your emotions will gradually be converted into happy and positive feelings.You can’t buy happiness but you can certainly expect to be happy. And the real thing will follow.

Don’t let anger ruin the moment


Anger is a necessary emotion, but very often ruins the moment. Anger can be used as a tool, if you can rule your anger, but if you allow anger to rule you, it can destroy the present moment. It’s natural to be angry sometimes, but if anger becomes a habit, it’s bad for both heart and health. Never let anger ruin your experience of the moment.

Have sensible expectations to live life lively

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Contentment doesn’t come easy, but the trick to happiness is to have sensible expectations. Many people are unhappy because they are forever trying to meet totally unreasonable expectations, seeing what others have and what others are doing.

Living in the NOW, and cherishing each moment of your life, makes life happier and enables you to see the charm in everything you’re surrounded by.

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