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How to deal with back pain

Back pain is a fairly common ailment. It should not be ignored to prevent any complications from arising in future. Here are some tips on dealing with back pain.

Pinpoint the cause

The first thing to do is to find out what actually is causing the back pain. Many times back pain is cause because of incorrect posture or sudden bending or stretching of the back. If you have a desk job then make sure that your chair and the desk are at the correct height. Make sure your car seat is adjusted properly when you have to drive long distances. Or is it that you carry a heavy handbag or backpack? The heavy load can lead to back problems, so avoid stuffing your bag and only carry essential items. Also check your mattress because a bad mattress can give you a lot of back trouble. When lifting heavy items, ensure that your hands, legs, and back are in the correct position to avoid unnecessary strain on your back muscles. You need to be extra careful with your back if you are pregnant as the hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause ligaments to become a bit loose and thus prone to back ailments.

Things to do on your own

Once you have pinpointed the root cause of your back ache, there are some measures that you can take on your own at home. Rest for some time and you may feel better when you wake up. However, remember to sleep in the correct position or else it may further aggravate your back problem. You could also try hot/cold therapy. Cold therapy such as applying an ice pack on the affected area can help reduce inflammation, pain, and muscle spasm. This is mostly recommended immediately after a sprain or strain. You can also take a cold shower; it will have the same effect as a cold pack. Heat therapy also works to ease the tension in your back muscles, reduce muscle spasms and improve mobility. You can use a heating pad, a hot compress, or even try a hot bath to relieve yourself of the back pain.

Seek medical help

If the above home remedies do not help you and your back pain worsens then it is time to go to a specialist. The doctor will be able to diagnose your problem better and give you proper medication. He may also advise you to wear a back brace. Although back braces are very uncomfortable they will help support your spine and the surrounding back muscles. They also help in keeping the temperature of your back muscles at a point where they are unlikely to cause discomfort. Of course, whether you really do need a back brace and how helpful it will be for you is something that your doctor will decide for you. Remember not to take any over the counter medication without your doctor’s advice except for pain relieving gels and balms to prevent any side effects.

Find a distraction

For some, back pain can become an incurable part of their lives. This may happen because of ignoring the problem in the initial stages so that it ends up becoming a chronic problem. If you are suffering from chronic back pain there is nothing you can do but accept it as part of your life. However, this does not mean you sit and cry about it all the time. Divert your mind and attention to other things that take your mind of the back pain. Reconnect with your old hobbies or start a new one such as gardening, reading, playing a musical instrument, singing and so on. Make new friends and be active socially. You will notice that you completely forget about the back pain when you do activities that keep you happy.

Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle

Last, but not the least, maintaining a good lifestyle will go a long way in keeping you away from back pains. Eat healthy food such as fresh fruits and vegetables and try to incorporate all essential nutrients in your diet. Take calcium supplements to strengthen you back bone. Indulge in some form of exercise or sport and keep yourself fit and healthy. Many obese people suffer from back pain. The best way to deal with back pain in this case is to reduce weight, which can be done with exercise. However, before you take up a sport or start exercising, make sure you consult your doctor and get his approval.

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