How to deal with a nervous breakdown

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In case you are struck by the onslaught of nervousness, hold your breath. However, it is easier said than done. Chances are that you have been gripped by the fear of failure just before the moment of action. To buckle under pressure is the root cause of nervous breakdown. It is a natural phenomenon that could be overcome with some training. It is all a mind game.

Refrain from assumptions

When a surgeon knows that the one he has to operate upon happens to be his mother, then he gets nervous. It is not the association that makes him weak, but it is the fear of the failure that makes him nervous. Instead of thinking about the operation, he keeps thinking about ‘what if something goes wrong?’ There may nothing be wrong ultimately, but his assumptions make him vulnerable.

Just before her examination, my daughter has a spurt of nervousness. She calls up her mother and tells her, ‘Do not be angry if I fail’. My wife assures her that all will be well. She need not worry. No one is going to scold her even if she doesn’t score. And invariably, she has scored good marks. This is their way of managing the stress and it works.

So, it is not under preparedness that makes you vulnerable. It is your mindset that creates the problem. Confide in someone you trust and take solace from him or her. This solace is sure to reassure you.

Think positive

Depression is a state of mind. When your mind is focused on grief, you undergo depression. We all have power to think. We think all day even without realizing it. Most of our thoughts are incoherent and oblivious. All our fears are the results of our suppositions and assumptions: What if I fail? What if I meet an accident? What if I die?

Try to recollect all your suppositions. If all your assumptions were to be true, you would not have been living! We all might not be living! Fortunately, the assumptions seldom turn out to be true. Yet, with such thoughts in mind, you are unable to concentrate on your job. In most of the cases your own anxiety leads you towards failure.

You should know that incoherent thoughts would not add value to your life. You must be conscious of your thoughts. Your state of mind can change for positive, only when you have full control over your thought process. How you think, determine your thoughts. Your thoughts will have no value if your thought process itself is negative. So train your mind to think positive.

Bear the pain

Both joys and sorrows are merely thoughts. A thought can go as easily as it comes. It is we who make a sorrowful memory to occupy our minds for too long by recalling and recollecting it over and over again. So do not cry over a given situation. Know and realize that no thought lasts forever. The sorrow too would fade after sometime. It is therefore necessary that you bear the pain till it lasts. When the mind acts as a roller coaster, all its energies are wasted on trivial matters. So don’t let it play havoc.

Face the situation

As said earlier we are faced with situations and not problems. It is we who make a problem out of a situation. How you encounter a situation, determines its nature. When you fail to deal with a situation, it poses a problem for you; but when the same situation is dealt with properly, it ceases to be a problem. In trying to change the situation, you would complicate it further. Thus, to change your mindset it is better than trying to change the situation. The situation itself keeps changing, whereas the mindset is more permanent. Given similar circumstances, one fails while the other gains. What you become depends upon YOU, not the situation.

Be responsive

The worst situations too can be transformed into blissful moments if you are able to maintain your calm and are ready to shun your ignorance. While you are shut out from others, you are shut in within yourself. You must be open to thoughts and ideas from others in order to make your life more meaningful. Having heard someone, you will always have a choice either to go by his or her words or ignore it; but when you are adamant at not listening to a person, you would lose on your chance to chose.

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