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How to deal with cheating

How to deal with cheating

When you realize that you have been cheated a sudden shock of infidelity hits right in your head. You would naturally think whether to end your relationship or give it another try. Here’s what you can do to get over the problem.

Don’t take an intense decision

When you discover that your partner is cheating on you, taking sudden decisions like ending the relationship just because of him/her being unfaithful is not a wise thing to do. At this juncture, the perfect thing to do is to reflect your relationship and find out what are the issues that need your attention to be dealt with. It is normal to have feelings of rage, anger, shock, fear, pain and depression. You should talk with your partner and try to figure out the main reason behind the cheating, but the chances are that even he/she might be unaware of why it actually happened and you will have to accept it. If you are in a marriage then your children need to be assured that things will be fine soon. You cannot hide that you are facing trauma and there is absolutely no use of making false promises. Talk to them, it’s going to affect their lives too so they must know the truth.

This is not the end

You may feel like running away from the relationship but this is not going to help in anyway. Balancing yourself is the key that will get you through this period of coping with, being cheated by your partner. If you end this relationship, do it for your good instead of being overruled by your anger. Take care of yourself and stay on schedule. Sleep on regular hours, exercise daily, drink plenty of water and eat healthy even if you do not feel like doing any of these. You might feel nausea, sleep problems, shakiness or difficulty in concentrating your mind on specific things but these all are just the physical reactions to infidelity and sooner or later you will be okay. It is very important to keep yourself and your family happy too. Watch funny movies or sitcoms. Spend time with your friends and family, be around them and stay happy.

No time for revenge

Forgiving your partner who has cheated you is the most difficult thing to do. It does not happen over night. You obviously need time to acknowledge your feelings and hold your partner accountable. Yet forgiveness is very important if you still wish to continue your relationship, so that you two can be happy and together again. Forgiving your partner will help you getting over with your negative feelings and will not let things harm you from inside as well as outside. Do not even think of getting back on your partner and retaliate from him/her. It is not a way to handle your anger or sorrow. You might feel it appropriate to take revenge from your partner but the reality is, if you do so it is going to devastate not only his/her life but yours too. It will only make things uglier and will cause more troubles than you can realize.

Bring out your emotions

Your emotions will range from sorrow to depression, from anger to frustration and pain of loss. Yet respect your emotions and let them flow freely. The more you keep on keeping them hidden or ignoring them, the more they will continue to haunt you and you will not be able to get over your present situation. Do not let your negative emotions take hold of your heart and mind. Release your pain by indulging yourself in activities that will help keep your mind diverted. Meditate, pray and visualize, do whatever makes you strong, calm and happy. It will take a little time to find out what you want to do and how you want to handle things so be patient and give your feelings sometime. Your pain is certainly not going to be over within a day or two, but it will leave you soon, and your life will return back to routine soon.

Time is the best healer

It is not at all easy for anyone to be strong enough to just let things happen while staying calm and positive towards life. If you do break up, you might feel broken and lost, but keep the faith and do not forget that time does help to heal. It will take some time but you know that soon you will move beyond this crisis and will have peace. Your present might be disturbed and completely devastated but it may seem like this at the present moment but future will be better and happiness will again knock your door. It is obvious that the pain of being cheated and losing the trust of someone you love the most, will not leave you easily, but keep in mind that this is not the end of your self esteem and dignity. It was rather one unfaithful partner who has moved out and it is only the relationship that has ended and is good for you.

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