How to deal with teenage girls


Teenage is a very delicate phase of a growing child which has to be handled with care. Here are some points which will help you to deal with teenage girls.

Enlighten them about the catamenial process

It is very common that girls get irregular period when they start menstruating. The time taken for the period to get regular can vary from a few months to a year. Once the cycle becomes regular it does not mean that it is going to be so forever, it can go irregular again because of stress and diet modifications. Some have abdominal pain during menstruation; however it is common and normal. If it gets worse and unbearable visit your doctor. If you have had sex and you drop your period after that, it can mean that you are pregnant. In this case you should immediately consult a doctor.

Puberty and breast

Some girls may experience pain and swelling and other signs of inflammation during menstruation. During teenage a girl’s breast undergoes development process and sometimes it is possible that one breast grows bigger than the other. It is not to worry about as they will get similar in size when fully grown. No women’s breast is congruent to each other, so there is nothing to worry if yours is slightly different.

Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases or STD’s are caused by having unprotected sexual intercourse. If one of the sex partners is in trap of a sexually transmitted disease, the other can easily be infected. This disease can be spread by having both, genital sex or oral sex. If you are sexually active, it is recommended by the doctors to go for a routine test of STD. The test is necessary because these diseases do not show any symptom, especially in girls or women. Always use a condom or oral contraceptive pills to avoid pregnancy and STD.

Perceptions about body during teenage

It is not true that you will only look attractive when you are super slim; it is a fake perception. What is important is to be fit and exercise regularly. The body images that are being promoted by media are unrealistic and effort to copy one of those body images can be unhealthy and can lead to eating disorders. Remember you are going to spoil your health if you go for crash diets or upset your eating routine. Your body as a teenager undergoes a number of metabolism and if you cut heavily on your diet you will not grow up into a fit person. You will have to face negative consequences of your mistakes in future, so avoid playing with your body and be happy for how you look.

Teach them to stay away from alcohol and other addictions

It is often observed that teenagers start drinking in between age of 12 to 17. Maybe it is challenging and attractive to boast that you can drink but it is anyways injurious to your health. It is not wise to start drinking just to show off or due to mere peer pressure. If you avoid this temptation, you will survive the world in a better way than the others. Be kind to yourself and avoid toxic drinks.

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