How to Revive Your Relationship by Rekindling Romance

If your relationship on the verge of dying but you do not want to let go of your significant other, the situation calls for some tactics that help you reignite the flame of love in your relationship.

Is Love Really Gone?

Some years ago, when you saw your new partner for the first time, you had gone all crazy and all you wanted with all your heart is to somehow get a chance and talk to her. You were so passionate and happened to get that chance and you were lucky enough that she said yes to you, and this is how your relationship started. Some years passed, and trusting your bond and an extreme passion for each other, you both decided to marry. Some more years passed, many good things happened, you even had babies.

So far so good but today, you so miss that bond and passion that used to be there some years back. Where is it all gone? Actually, our life situations affect the passion a lot, as sometimes; it takes a toll on love and passion between partners, and the other times it brings them even closer. Some couples do not let circumstances come in between their love and passion, so come what may, they continue loving each other with the same passion throughout.


How to Keep Your Relationship Alive

It very much depends upon you that how skilled you are to maintain that passion alive. To help you out in your endeavors, here are some tips you can use to reignite the passion in your long-term relationship:


1. Try to Rediscover That Loving Feeling

We are lucky to have emotions. Our emotions are how we react to what is happening in the world around us. We receive the stimuli and react accordingly. When we are in love, there are many emotions that we are going through. We cannot hide the fact that physical attraction plays a role, but as many of us that have been in long term relationships will know, that does wear off. We look for people who can fill us with good emotions, and physical attraction is a simple and shallow stimulus that does not fulfill even our basic emotional needs. We need more.

When we realize that it is love that we should want, then things change. We realize that to be good is the outcome. To give love is more rewarding at times that to receive it. We become people who don’t think of ourselves and enjoy the thought of losing ourselves in someone else. This loss of control is exactly what makes us realize that we don’t care so much about what’s in it for us, but instead, we see that we care more about what we can give. It’s one of the few situations in life that we can get more from a situation by giving unconditionally. We get rewarded for loving and it is the only thing in the world that can give you back so much more than you are able to put in.

2. Communicate

Lack of understanding is one major reason that causes a love relationship to die. One partner feels that another does not care for him and does not understand him. While another partner complains that whenever I go to her to discuss problems, she never listens and starts grumbling over many things. This is a big issue, which requires instant solution and a perfect solution to this problem is communication. Try to understand each other’s situation and make each other feel that you care for them.

3. Give time to each other

Time is another factor that makes relationships weak. If you think your relationship is dying because you do not give enough time to your partner then make sure you start giving sufficient time to each other. Come home on time, and homemakers must finish their work early and take out enough time to spend exclusively with each other. Plan short trips over weekends, or go out in the evenings, whatever you do but do give each other fair amount of time.

4. Praise and appreciate

When a relationship starts, both the partners have immense love for each other, and probably this is why they notice each other so well and appreciate and praise every small thing, quality, or characteristic that their partner has. A dying relationship misses this quality; therefore, to start appreciating each other with a true heart is of great help to save a relationship from dying.

5. Be Grateful

Gratitude in many cases has shown a miracle and a beacon of hope, to those who were due to some incidents in their lives, suffering from depression. In a test they were introduced with the emotional aspect of the gratitude, thankfulness or appreciation so as to feel and see the untouched folds of their lives and can move further towards achieving the remaining portion of their lives, which can give them a meaning to their living and can make them smile forever and ever to the rest of their days of life.

6. Solve problems and conflicts

Whatever problems and conflicts start in a relationship, both the partners must understand that it is their mutual contribution that brought in conflicts. Therefore, they both are the only ones who can figure out what and where have they gone wrong, and once the cause is figured out, start working to solve it. Sometimes when the situation goes out of control then partners must seek external help of a counsellor or friends but the best solution can only come when both the partners sit and talk about the real problem and the ways to get rid of it.

7. Have respect for each other’s space

You must have heard that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, and too much of togetherness can bring an element of boredom into a love relationship. It is like clinging on to your partner anywhere and everywhere he goes, even if he wants some time to stay away with you, you do not let him do so. This thing works as a poison for a relationship. It brings in so much of negativity and the partners feel like staying away from each other most of the times. You should always respect each other’s personal space, one should understand that no matter how deep your partner is in love with you, he or she still require a personal space for their overall development. Therefore, people stop forcing your partner to be with you all the time if you want your relationship to sail smoothly and not die.

8. Kill the ego

Ego is a belief that makes a person think that he is always right, and this belief makes him stubborn. If both the partners become egoistic in a love relationship then they can never get along nicely. Both partners will continue to bicker, and no one will be ready to compromise. Therefore, leave your ego aside and be good and sensitive human beings.

9. Talk it out

If you feel your partner is not being passionate for you, is not giving you much time and importance, or for that matter any grievance you have, you must seek time and talk it all out to them. Escaping encounters does no good, in fact it worsens the situation.

10. Surprise each other

You ought to take some time out and plan some trips and outings that can enthrall your beloved. Make sure you keep all planning hidden and surprise your partner when everything is on its final stage. This is one simple tip but works wonders, as your secret planning and the efforts you put in to make it special comes across to be very sweet and generous to your partner, thus, reigniting that lost passion a bit.

11. Forget all but just two of you

Responsibilities keep on increasing as we grow, especially after marriage the responsibilities increase so much that the romance and passion of a couple starts to fade away. Well, this would not happen if one’s start to understand that loves and passion is equally important in life, as carrying out other responsibilities are. Therefore, come what may, a couple must take out time for themselves, like one night every week wherein you forget everything else and remember just the two of you and enjoy.

12. Appreciate

Initially, you used to appreciate every single new shirt he used to wear or a new gorgeous dress she used to pot on but now you both do not even comment as to how they look. This is one big sign that your relations is suffering from deficiency of passion for each other. Appreciating or complementing each other is a small thing but it has a big impact. The smallest compliment of yours can make your beloved’s day but ensure your appreciation and compliments are all generous.

13. Bring it all back

You both know what you used to enjoy doing together the most in your yester days but now those things have somehow vanished from your routine. Bring those things back and see how passion reignites in your relationship, making it all the more enjoyable.

14. Remember the 3 R’s of a Relationship

A relationship needs 3 As; Affection, Appreciation, and Attention for it to keep thriving and growing. In the early days of a relationship, it is very easy to be intimate and close with each other but with time, this can prove to be a challenge. This may be due to the many commitments that crop up with time. There are some very simple things that you can do to bring you and your partner closer. It is the small things that we do or say that count.


Some More Small Tips to Revive Your Relationship

The following are tips to help you keep your relationship alive:

  • Leave a love note on the pillow for your partner or in their briefcase or purse.
  • Bring for your partner some roses and chocolate, from time to time.
  • Call your partner or just send a love message to your partner during the day.
  • Be sure to give praise from time to time. Always acknowledge what is positive in your partner and in your relationship. This always has positive impacts on you and your partner.
  • Always thank your partner when they do something for you.
  • Maintain constant communication in the relationship. Talking is the best way to make that communication. Mutual trust, understanding, and respect come from being able to express yourself without the fear of being judged.
  • Always tell your partner how you feel. This makes you be more deeply connected with your partner.
  • Take time to listen to your partner. Do not be quick to make judgments before listening.
  • Hug your partner from time to time. Always touch your partner as this shows how affectionate you are about your partner.
  • Kiss your partner whenever you have the chance.
  • Create time to be intimate.
  • Brush your partners’ hair.
  • Watch or read erotic literature with your partner.
  • Make an environment with sound and lighting that makes you and your partner want to get intimate. You could use scented candles, soft sheets, and soft music.
  • Learn something new with your partner. Learn how to dance or go hiking.
  • Get some time and go out for a date. You could even choose to spend a night in a new environment like a hotel or a resort.



The biggest challenge in long-term relationships is basically getting to learn ways of maintaining a balance between the demands of life and intimacy. Stress and other life conditions attack passion in relationships but knowing some effective ways to keep the passion alive can help couples big time. There are several demands that you have to meet in your everyday life; projects, kids, work, errands, bills among others. These demands can make your romantic life to fizzle. A love relationship depends upon the mutual qualities of both partners. In order to save a dying relationship, both the partners need to introspect and get rid of negative behavior.


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