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Six fabulous things you must be thankful for with each passing day

fabulous things you must be thankful for with each passing day

The race for money, fame, success, growth and luxury make us forget that death is the reality of life. Each day gives us an altogether new reason to be thankful for, everything else coming along only adds value to it. Here are a few realities of life that each one of us should keep on our mind day in day out.

It’s a new day

It’s a new day, fill it with new hopes, new dreams and new you. Don’t carry all the baggage of bitter memories of yesterday. Ask for forgiveness from those who you have hurt and forgive those who have hurt you. Even if they don’t return the favor, it will make you feel better.

It’s a blessing

So many people die every day due to natural calamities, poverty, accidents and some of them even end their own lives. Among all this chaos, you get yet another day to live on this beautiful earth. You do not have to be the best, since you already have the greatness in you. Simply accepting the truth that you are one among millions who is being blessed this way, would do the wonders. Tomorrow may never come, so live it the fullest so that you do not have any regrets when you go to sleep.

Good things end soon

Good things end soon

Learn to appreciate good things in life. Good things always disappear soon if you do not appreciate them. All what you have around you, may or may not be there tomorrow, so let it all be there with you today. You may be having millions in your bank account, but without your loved ones it would be meaningless, so spend quality time with them. Enjoy the greatness in each moment; don’t let it fly away without making you feel alive.

Don’t make it a regret

It is a new day; take an opportunity to say things that you have said before. Tell your parents and family that you love them and you feel blessed to have them in your life. People you love can actually see that in your eyes, but telling them would make it a special moment, a moment to cherish. Do something that you have been planning to do for a long time. Ask someone for a cup of coffee or thank someone for being nice to you. Do not leave things for tomorrow. Do what your heart tells you to do; you don’t have to get results for everything in life.

Make new memories

Make new memories

Arrange a family picnic or go for movies with your family. Learn to make new memories, since once gone this time would never come back. You can’t really make funny faces at your 5 year old son ten years from now, let apart carrying him on your shoulders. Play with your dog without the fear of getting muddy and listen to the sound of birds chirping on the trees. Smile at strangers, it would make them feel good. Always keep a smile on your face; it makes the other person forget all about his troubles. Don’t wait to say thanks, sorry or that you appreciate someone’s efforts.

Hope for a better tomorrow


Hope for a better tomorrow, since without hope life is not worth living. Hope not to have more money in your bank account but to have more blessings, as it really counts. Hope that all your attempts to bring a smile to all beautiful faces around you would succeed and hope that no one in the world would go hungry for days. Hope that all would be blessed with yet another day full of joy.

Never forget to be thankful for all what you have around you in search of that unknown something. Happiness is all within you and your perspective of looking at things. Change it and see your life changing dramatically.

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