Is love a bird? Must you let it soar?

Love and loving is not as small a feat as it reads!  With pages written about loving and hordes of tips spat out from many mouths about being the perfect lover—love remains a science that eludes all to attain in perfection. To understand why giving space, freedom and allowances in love is mandatory; you must first look into why you must do this.

How do you define love? On closer thoughts, you consider it as an eternal bond while at times you superficially label it as a wonderful emotion that intertwines two entities into one soul. Philosophy, chemistry and biology have rendered varied definitions to love and loving. One thing that is warranted in love is—once you give breathing space to your partner, you are sure to gain results for life.

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Love indeed needs a sky to fly

If you muse over why your fight with your lover at most times then the most evident answer remains complaints in regards to lack of quality time. However, have you ever thought how much time exactly could satisfy you? Human cravings are endless. Though a fight is a two-way thing, a number of arguments would never even surface if you let your love soar and explore.

Restricting your partner is no way profitable. It results in disgruntlement and mutual frustration. Will you be able to survey on restricted ground ever? If a vehement no automatically seems suffocative to yourself, then how can you stop someone from doing impulsive and natural things? It is not that betrayal always surfaces if you let your love free.

Even the best of dates and the costliest of gifts cannot fulfill a relationship or render it a happy image when space is missing. Most couples often confuse space as a way to encourage secrets. However, if your love indeed is true and your commitment rock solid, no power in the world could take you away from your lover.

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Popular relationship psychologist John Aiken, says, “Couples need space in a relationship so they don’t suffocate each other. Having time apart is extremely healthy and keeps freshness in their relationship. It encourages each person to maintain their own sense of identity while still being a couple and it fosters independence and strength rather than neediness and clinginess.” Love but with mutual respect for individual needs. Love minus freedom means slavery. And slavery is bound to face a fast death.


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