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How to deal with nausea

deal with nausea

Nausea cannot be called an illness. Rather, it is a symptom of other health-related problems. It can be described as a feeling of uneasiness in the stomach which gives an individual the urge to vomit. Nausea is the reaction that your body has, as a result of the presence of an unwanted particle in your body. It mostly occurs with or prior to vomiting. It can be severe and temporary, or else it can be long drawn and persistent as well. To know the ticks of treating nausea, first we should be sure about what causes nausea.

What are the causes
A few of the factors which give rise to nausea are as follows:

  1. Nausea can occur due to cerebral problems, or even due to problems in the organs present in the upper segment of the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. Often it is caused by improper functioning of the vestibular systems present in the inner ear, the vertigo. It tends to produce a feeling of disorientation and loss of balance, thereby resulting in nausea.
  3. Nausea can hit pregnant women severely, when it persists for months and is even chronic in some women. Known as morning sickness, it is a condition that is caused by an increase in the levels of the hormone estrogen in the bodies of the pregnant women.
  4. Hypoglycemia or the condition which is caused by the deficiency of glucose levels in the blood of humans can also cause nausea.
  5. Digestive problems as a result of excessive use of drugs or alcohol impart nausea as well.
  6. Often people are subject to nausea and vomiting that is a side effect of the anesthesia administered during surgery.
  7. Nausea might also be caused due to continuous emotional stress.
  8. Motion sickness is the term used to refer to a condition where nausea, disorientation, fatigue are induced by the motion of the head.
  9. Chronic constipation can lead to an individual feeling the urge to vomit. This is because some common problems cause both constipation and nausea. Constipation sometimes leads to a number of disorders in the stomach like acidity, toxicity etc, which gives way to nausea.
  10. Overeating can lead to nausea.
  11. Nausea can be induced from the consumption of specific food (food allergy).

A few other reasons behind nausea are diarrhea, fever, and diseases like hepatitis, gall bladder infections, pancreatitis, cancer, conditions of severe anxiety etc.

How to cope with it

  1. Take deep breaths – Many a times, nausea is caused due to the lack of supply of oxygen to the brain. Therefore, taking slow and heavy breaths can help you feel better.
  2. You are advised to drink fluids, and most importantly, cold fluids. You might feel dehydrated with vomiting. You should go on sipping into clear fluids like herbal tea or sugary drinks when you are feeling nauseated. They often calm the stomach. However, you must avoid acidic preparations, say, orange juice or for that matter, coffee. Soft drinks are known to have treated nausea. But, you must know the reason behind your nausea before you go about curing it. Hence a person, who is feeling the nausea due to the overdose of sugary drinks, should not be given soft drinks. Cold water is a better option. You can also suck ice cubes.
  3. You can take ginger. It is a herbal remedy for curing nausea. You can drink ginger ale, or ginger tea, take ginger root capsules, or for that matter, you can simply suck on fresh ginger.
  4. You should eat light, bland foods like toast and clear soup when you feel nausea. In case you have vomited already, take small portions of food at a time, like a cracker or toast. You should stay away from food high on fatty acids
  5. Go and take a nap. Sometimes, lying down makes you feel less nauseated compare to when you are sitting down Shut out the lights and listen to some soothing music that would divert your attention away from the feeling of nausea. Even then if you are not feeling better, move away from a suffocated environment and feel some fresh air.
  6. Apply ice on your forehead.
  7. Chew mint leaves or consume mint-flavored candies.
  8. Clove is useful for fighting nausea. To have best results, add one spoonful of powdered clove in one cup of boiled water. After straining the clove, have the flavored and spice-infused drink for getting a relief from nausea.
  9. You can consume 1/2 tsp of grounded cumin seeds to get a relief from nausea.
  10. When nausea is due to morning sickness, you can mix a single teaspoon of apple cider vinegar along with one tablespoon of honey. You should mix it with cold water and drink it before going to sleep.
  11. Wrist-bands are helpful for checking nausea due to motion sickness.
  12. It is not recommended to consume too much medicine when you are feeling nausea. Too much of it can result in more nausea or vomiting or can even poison your body.
  13. It is recommended to avoid things that would cause a feeling of motion. This can either be watching a television or riding the roller coaster. The brain is badly in the need of rest when you have nausea. Hence, you must not make it work under such conditions of discomfort.

Anti-nausea drugs
Anti-nausea drugs are administered to control the uneasy sensation, while the function of the antiemetic drugs is to control vomiting. The latter are the drugs that suppress the function of the chemicals in human brain which stimulate the will to vomit.

In case situations do not get better even after trying these methods out, you should go and visit your doctor. They treat the patients by administering the following drugs:

  1. Alka-Seltzer – It is a fizzy solution which helps treat acid indigestion.
  2. Apothecary Ezy Care Cola Syrup – It is a fructose-based cola which brings relief from stomach infections.
  3. Pepto-Bismol – For conditions of upset stomach.
  4. Emetrol – Administered to control vomiting and can be used in children as well.
  5. Dramamine – Used for treating nausea and vomiting due to motion sickness

It is always better to lead a healthy lifestyle so that such situations are minimal when medication is required.

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