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How to deal with an overtly disciplined teacher


It is quite a problem if you have an overtly disciplined teacher in class. Whether it is in school or in universities, it is not quite a good idea to have such a teacher in the classroom.

They would want you to maintain decorum for each and every issue that goes on in the class. From the way that you are dressed and combed, to how well your books are arranged and how neat your handwriting is, they tend to be fussy about anything and everything related to the class. If such a teacher is present in the classroom, all of us are naturally nervous. We always keep on making our efforts to impress teachers who are overtly disciplined. For these teachers typically the students who are adorable are the ones who are the toppers in the class. They are impeccable for the disciplined teachers – either in their dress or behavior or in the grades. These teachers would want their class rooms to be pin drop silent. Nothing else would be heard apart from the teacher’s voice and the noise of pen on paper. Your teacher would resort to different ways of punishing the students if they are not disciplined enough within the classroom.

There are different ways to deal with the disciplined teacher. You might act to be the good student and start learning from how to be better disciplined. These teachers can have either good or bad effect on you. If in majority of the students, he is able to bring regularity, the he would be a very successful teacher. If you are good natured but you are not quite organized in your personal life, an initial level of intimation with this teacher will only do well to you. If you start dressing up like he specifies, get tidy enough to attract his attention and get all the assignments one, then you will be there in the good books of the teacher. This is one way of attracting his attention. Overtly disciplined teachers might be partial towards their good pupils. Most of the students are afraid of such a teacher.

In case he is unhappy with the ways the students are behaving in the class, he might punish the student concerned. Often if more than one student triesmisbehaving in the class, it might so happen that not only does he punish all the students, but complains about them to the higher authorities. In that case the students might also get expelled from his classroom and might not get the chance to attend a few of his classes. Not only that – the ill-behaving students get noticed by the higher authorities of the educational institute which is not a good thing to happen.

Often, as a sign of protest towards the strict teachers, the students deliberately behave badly in the classrooms. This is their way of protesting to the situation. This can take situations out of hand and in case the teacher gets outraged, the tiff between the students and teachers can reach new heights.

Therefore, it is not advisable to take the situation that far. Try to follow simple instructions in the class. Stay as much attentive as you can be. Listen to the lectures attentively so that you can answer to his questions if he asks something to you off hand. It must not seem that you were being inattentive.

Keep your desk spic and span so that he does not have an opportunity to harass you. Be in your seat way before the teacher enters the classroom and each one of you make sure that this happens.

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