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How to Deal with Air Sickness on a Flight?


If you take a look at the current scenario, travelling by air has turned into something of a casual affair for most people nowadays. Be it for an important business venture or simply to enjoy a short vacation, people seem to be travelling a whole lot more than they used to in the past. In fact, airlines are no longer being used to just migrate from one country to another but also within the boundaries of the country as it happens to be the speediest mode of travelling. However, this easy mode of travelling has been found to have some effects on the health of the people who travel on a regular basis. The most common of these problems is air sickness.

If you happen to travel by plane quite often, you might be feeling a strange sensation inside you that would not have let you concentrate on your work properly. Well, that is nothing but one of the symptoms of air sickness that makes you feel dizzy, leading your brain to receive some mixed messages that could prove to be a hindrance to your regular course of work. The most common cause for air sickness happens to be all the continuous travelling. Your mind feels as if it is living within a trance generated by the effects of the flight and you can feel everything shaking and moving inside you even though none of it happens in reality. Nevertheless, you do not need to really worry about the after effects of your flight as travelling cannot be ignored completely in this contemporary world. But you can certainly use some precautionary measures to nullify the ill effects of your flight –

Watch out for your consumption

The best way for you to overcome the feeling of nausea that affects you while travelling by plane would be to avoid overeating, before and after boarding the flight. You should also make sure that you do not starve yourself of food. Try to have light but fulfilling meals prior your flight time and even during the flight. Be sure to avoid consuming anything oily or too rich for your system to digest. If you have a habit of consuming alcohol or cigarettes whenever you feel like, then it is necessary that you prohibit yourself from doing so when you are in flight or within a span of 24 hours before your flight takes off.

You are free to consume cold drinks. This will ensure that your body doesn’t get dehydrated or you can even sip some lemon or ginger tea to avoid feeling sick to the stomach.

Opt for the medicated or non-medicated prescriptions

If you are aware of the fact that you are prone to bouts of air sickness, it would be wise of you to always keep some medicines in your travel kit that would help you return to a more calm and normal state. Pop a pill before boarding the flight to avoid getting mixed messages in your brain. You can buy some of these medicines easily from a chemist center while you would be required to have a prescription slip to purchase a few others.

However, if you do not like taking medicines and want to avoid them, you can opt for alternative solutions like getting a motion sickness band. You can ask your physician to prescribe the best possible way for you to deal with air sickness.

Divert your mind from the sickness

If you keep on thinking about the air sickness, you will definitely encounter it. So always make an active effort to distract your thoughts by doing one thing or the other when you are on board the flight. Try looking at some distant objects or outside your window but make sure that you do concentrate on the same thing for an extended period of time as that could cause you some amount of strain. Try and strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you as your mind will get engrossed in knowing that person which will help you forget about your surroundings and the sickness. You can even try leaning back and relaxing by closing your eyes or better yet, just go off to sleep and wake up only when you have reached your destination.

Avoid reading when you are in flight. Though it seems to be the best distraction during the journey, the activity can cause stress to your brain and make you feel even dizzier than before.

Airplanes have lately become an essential part of our lives rather than a luxury mode of transportation. Every second person on the face of this earth seems to be boarding flights almost every other day for some purpose. Dealing with the air sickness that you might experience after landing at your destination can prove to be really scary but if you just exercise a little bit of caution before boarding your flight and during your journey, you can easily avoid such type of a situation. You are required to be a little more careful with what you eat and drink along with trying not to move so much during the flight. Have a safe journey, one that is not filled with fears of air sickness!

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