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How to deal with hair loss

Hair loss is one common problem that every individual goes through some day. There are different reasons of such problem. It can be natural or due to some kind of disease. The most common reason of such problem is presence of adrogens hormones in the body that makes your hair thin enough for easy breakage. Some reasons of hair loss are controllable like changing the shampoo or taking good care of your hair, while there are reasons like hereditary problem and treatment under chemotherapy that can result to hair loss. It doesn’t matter whether we face the problem of hair loss or not. What matter is, how we deal with hair loss.

Improve your diet

If you eat lots of junk food or foodhigh in saturated fat, avoid it. Cheese, red meat, etc. are common reasons of hair loss. Even though you find such food delicious, increasing its intake will surely make you face hair loss problem. Your hair needs zinc, vitamin C, and iron, Vitamin Am B12m biotic and iron to become string. Deficiency of such nutrition in your food can increase the problem of weight loss. Hence, increase your intake of fruits and green leafy vegetables like spinach. Iron, folic acid and copper are need for the smooth function of red blood cells that provides oxygen needed by the hair for better growth and strength. Try to improve your diet and include more juicy and green food.


Avoid stress

Stress can lead to many health problems. Hair loss can be one such problem associated with stress. Stress due to work pressure, excess work load, emotional pain or any other reason can affect your hair. Try to exercise more and have lots of rest. It is always better to eliminate problem of stress for less hair loss. If you think that stress or any emotional pain is affecting your hair, then look for certain organization or group of women who deal with same problem. You can find such groups online or in your community as well. Doctor can be a good advisor to suggest you for this.

Change right shampoo

There are many shampoos and conditioner that contain less natural ingredients ad more chemical which result in hair loss. It is better to talk with a beautician or doctor on shampoo to buy. There are certain prescribed medicines available for your help. However, it is prescribed after certain age only. Look for the shampoo that has natural ingredients. You can always use a baby shampoo which is anytime best for your hair. There are some Ayurvedic shampoos manufactured from India which are highly popular and natural to use. Look for such natural product. Before shampooing your hair, always apply some oil. This will condition your hair and can give them more volume.

Natural remedies

Always use natural products that can make your hair stronger. Take some mustard oil and mix it with four tablespoon of henna leaves. Keep it for filtering sometime in a bottle, and massage on the areas from where hair-fall is more. Do it on regular basis. You can also apply fresh leaf juice of amaranth which is one Indian product and apply on your hair. Apply the yellow part of your egg with some milk and keep it for half hour. Wash it off properly and you will notice the difference soon. All these natural techniques can be done at home without spending money.

Take good care of your hair

Make sure while travelling anywhere, you tie your hair with a clip. With this your hair won’t get tangled or split-ants won’t happen. Try to wear a scarf, whenever you go out. Make sure after washing your hair, you don’t use a dryer as hair fall mostly occur because if this. Never brush your hair. If you do so, hair can break easily. After washing hair never comb them, at such time your hair can break easily. Take good care of your hair as much as possible to avoid hair loss prpbelm. Take some doctors advice on precautions you can take, if you have hair loss problem because of some disease.

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