Fear Is A By-Product Of Meekness!

Fear prevails when one hangs back from venturing into an unexplored domain. To be in fear, means to be in the one’s own conceived shell of security. Breaking free from this seemingly safe heaven seems like a ticket to hell. But, unless one has the inner drive to fight off the fear by frequent exposure to the often-avoided, fear-generating situations, one will not be able to tap the inner source of inexhaustible strength.

Remember: ‘life is all about the survival of the fittest.’ One must learn the art of adapting to alien conditions by daring to step inside an unknown space. No one has become immune to fear without facing it with a trembling heart and fast pulsating lungs. Most of the so-called highly-accomplished public speakers were once indigestible-stammerers. The stage-freight had the better of them many a time when they put themselves at the mercy of an audience of thousands. Nevertheless, they never gave up hope and went on from being ‘mumbo-jumbo mouths’ to being speakers of great repute. The willingness to face fear as it is, in its virgin avatar, without using hidden amours as means of self-protection, is the way to have an upper hand on it.

mentally-challenging situation

They say to be fearful is to be unaware about breath. You must have noticed that whenever a bout of fear pounces on you, you have almost lost hold of normal breathing. You suddenly start inhaling and exhaling at the speed of a Ferrari. A sharp sensation of misbalance overwhelms you. And this loss of control over body and mind is an open invitation to defeat.

Becoming aware of the stark difference between your breathing pattern during a comfort-affording situation and a mentally-challenging situation is the first step towards overhauling fear. A serene and composed individual will exhibit deep, rhythmic breaths. Hence, if you desire to befriend serenity in fear-causing situations, you must know the art of breathing naturally, at all times.

breathing pattern

To bring forth this life-changing transformation, simply try to practice normal, deep inhalations and slow, deep exhalations during your free time.  Have a stronger connection with your breath to achieve a greater control over your mind. So, the next time, when you are exposed to an anxiety-triggering situation, lean some focus towards your alerted breathing pattern. Try to restore normalcy to it with normal, deep inhalations and slow, deep exhalations.

This is regarded as one of the easiest and the speediest methods for transforming from a fearful being to a powerhouse of enviable courage. However, to take charge of your journey towards becoming a bold being, you must dare to face your weaknesses and transform them into your strengths. Best of luck!

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