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How to express your feelings to your love

How to express your feelings to your love

If you love someone then only saying “I Love You” is never enough. You need to give the other person some sort of surety or a signal that you truly love him/her. This is because the other person needs to believe that whatever you are saying, you actually mean it. Some people are not expressive and end up doing things that they regret later on. So, here are some of the ways to express your feelings to the one you love.

Power of compliments

A subtle compliment has the power to turn rock into ice. Compliments are a way of showing how much you love the other person. You should know how to give a romantic compliment to your partner. The best way is to pick one of the features that you love about your partner and then deliver a line or two about it in a romantic way.

Give them attention

Your partner deserves your attention. If you want to show that you are in love with the person, you should spend quality time with that person to give her/him hints. You should make the other person fall for you by showing him/her your real self. Furthermore, you should show consideration towards the person you love. This is a subtle way of expressing how much you care for that person.

Make eye contact

The easiest and simplest way of telling the other person that you love her is to make frequent eye contacts with her. You can make eye contacts while reading a book, watching a movie or having dinner with him/her. Try not to get caught in the act but if you do, you should give a smile.

Give surprises

Women love surprises so you should try to surprise her whenever you can. You can surprise her in a number of ways. If she likes a particular thing at some store, you can secretly get it for her or you can grab food and plan a picnic with her.

Sometimes all you need is a small favor

You should be ready to give favors to the person you love whenever they want. Although the favors are small but they mean world to the other person. These gestures show that you can go out of the way to help your loved ones whenever they will call you for help.

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