Behavior and style that make PDA cute, not disgusting

Public Display of Affection

Public Display of Affection (PDA) is a thing that many people find cute and lovable, while there are some who think of it to be disgusting. Well, both these opinions are correct because people who think it is disgusting are the ones who have seen the bad side of PDA, while the ones who find it cute must have seen only the good side of it.

There is a thin line, if crossed makes PDA a vulgar and an obnoxious behavior. On the other hand, if people respect that thin line and the boundary, there is nothing cuter than PDA. It is tricky though, but if you know how to do it right then there is nothing wrong with PDA. Scroll through to get the hang of various laws and etiquettes that will make your PDA look lovable and not obnoxious:

It has to be mild

The foremost and the most basic rule that makes PDA look cute is that you keep it mild, mind you, it should never be intense, as intense lovemaking is better to be left for a room. For instance, soft kisses look good as PDA and deep ones, the smooches look horrible. Holding hands and soft hugs also look cute and romantic. On the other hand, holding or hugging each other too tight in public looks gross and same goes for holding any other body part in public as well.

Think about the crowd

Some lovers do not mind or feel uncomfortable while cuddling in front of people but they surely do. People do not like the sight wherein lovers are too engrossed in each other and sometimes crossing limits, as it makes them extremely uncomfortable. There is nothing wrong to have attitude – I do not give a damn what other’s feel in general, but here it does matter. Think it this way, when you do not like someone watching you while making love in your bedroom then how can people love to see you doing all that in open. So, always keep in mind that you never have to cross limits because it might hurt many others watching you.

No biting and licking

Holding hands, hugging, and mild kisses are fine and look good as a part of PDA but they should never involve biting and licking. If you do so, whether you want it or not, but this behavior of yours might turn on many others, and it might also agitate some people in the crowd.

Consider age factor

Many things look good or bad depending on the age of a person, and PDA is certainly one of those things. The age factor here is not only applicable on the people who are indulging in PDA but also on the crowd, as in who are the people, what age group of people in front of whom you are displaying affection. Some places follow very strict rules, as you cannot indulge in PDA in front of kids and old people.

Have control over your urges

These hormones are so naughty that they make people go wild regardless of the place and people around, but we humans are supposed to control those urges and keep them for our private times in the bedrooms and not in public. Never let those urges overpower you and keep your PDA minimal and mild.


Public Display of Affection is not a bad thing as long as you respect the feelings and sentiments of people around you. If you do so, people around you would respect your display of affection, and if not, be ready for weird behavior from people in return.

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