Home healthcare Technology and Telemedicine for patients with chronic conditions

Patients who are diagnosed with chronic conditions are always at a risk. This is one of the main reasons why it is very important to ensure that they get the necessary attention as and when it is needed. During an emergency, the basic wait time can be really long by the time a healthcare specialists can have a look at the patient.

Even until the time the Paramedics or the Ambulance gets to the location the patient has to wait it out. This in turn is also risky since the condition can worsen and the patient can end up losing his/ her life. To help patients with chronic conditions, there are various kinds of innovative technology coming up that can help them out.

Telemedicine and Telemonitoring pave a new path

Various solutions are coming up which goes beyond just medicines and treatments. Technology is taking healthcare to a different level, first it was the introduction of different health monitoring devices and wearables. After that it was home automation systems and products which were equipped with different health sensors and now it is telemedicine and telemonitoring services.

The systems which are designed for telemonitoring are installed in the patient’s house so that the readings can be taken at regular intervals for evaluation. The system notifies the patient when it is time for their daily reading. The information obtained is then sent to an expert/healthcare professional/clinician so that it can be reviewed.

Based on the readings and the evaluation made, the next course of treatment is recommended. Just in case there are changes that have to be done immediately, the patient is informed right away.  This helps to ensure that the patient gets the relevant treatment at the right time to prevent further complications.

Combination of Telemedicine and home healthcare technology for chronic patients

With the whole world slowly adapting the smart home concept, people are also opting for the different features and benefits of home healthcare. This is because these two technologies on their own have already proved to be really helpful in health management. The introduction of Telemedicine is the icing on the cake.

Not only do they have the ability to take care of their health and keep a track of vital readings, but they can also get the necessary guidance whenever it is needed.  Just in case the readings are out of the set limits, an alert is sent out to the doctor with the necessary indications to look into things as soon as possible.

Telemedicine has paved a new path since it helps to reduce the wait time and the patient gets the necessary help. Telemedicine is a solution that is not just beneficial for the patient, but also for the practitioner since they get notified on time and the right action can be taken to save their patients life. Along with that, it also provides a comprehensive data that on the patient’s disability or heath condition so that it becomes easier to treat the patient.

The future of healthcare through telemedicine

As per the CDC, by 2023 there would be around 3.5 million Americans who would be 65 years and above. This means that the real benefits of telemedicine would be availed by the boomer generation. They will also get to see the benefits of the healthcare technology’s rapid advances. Through telemedicine, the aging population can opt for home healthcare services and manage their medical conditions in their own comfort zone. In a lot of ways, telemedicine will become an asset for everybody.

There will also be various programs which will be designed on the grounds of home healthcare and telemedicine. This will be especially for those patients who are on the extreme side of their medical condition and require a professional to be next to them at all times. With this service, it is not essential that the patient has to be only in the hospital to get the relevant care; however, they can get the same care even through telemedicine. The future systems will also be designed to detect the change in the body’s internal readings even before any symptoms can prevail. This will also help to save a lot of lives in the future.

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