Product Development Training by Dr Prem

There is a whole lot of process involved before bringing a new product to the market. This vicious circle involves the various tasks starting from product conceptualisation, product architecting then product construction and development finally the product release. The process also involves tasks like research, testing and documentation. The product development process can be very challenging if not conducted properly with right strategies. Therefore, product development trainings are considered boon for the PD professionals, as they enhance their performance by offering them the right channel and directions for dealing with this tedious and process.

Many times professionals find it very monotonous and sheer wastage of time to attend the training sessions on product development process, but hardly they realise that this can be a life changing episode and experience for them if attended with full dedication and of course under a right trainer. For the survival and success of any organization, right channelization of energy and its resources is a basic requirement. Practical product training is need of the hour for the organizations selling products considering the hard competition prevalent in the market. Well designed product development training does not only induce the better presentation and placement of the product in the market, but also changes the future perspectives of a brand.

Dr. Prem Jagyasi is a renowned name in the field of numerous professional trainings. Dr. Prem is a well known author, strategic investor and a chartered consultant. Training sessions offered by Dr. Prem are not only useful for better performance of the professionals but also triggers a thought process, which in long run enhances the performances of the participants. This can entirely change the work experience even in a field, which one might find very dull and no result giving. Interesting case studies, practical team activities and other interaction sessions in these training sessions offered by Dr. Prem enable the participants to relate themselves with the situations and think accordingly.

Unlike past, where it was felt that only the senior managers and top level workers were in the need of training, now in the fierce competition it has become quintessential for an organization that effective training is imparted at all levels of work functions.  Dr. Prem is known for the well researched and full of facts and figures based training sessions. Fact based and vast research makes his trainings all the more relevant and realistic for the participants.