Business Ethics Training

Business Ethics Training

Even if we know we can get away with something wrong, even if no one discovers what we are up to, our vice harms us more than it hurts any of our victims – Socrates 

This quote by Socrates beautifully summarizes what ethics morally are. Coming to business ethics, also known as corporate ethics, they can be broadly defined as professional ethics, which can be applied to all aspects of business conduct and are relevant to the conduct of all the employees within the organization. Ethics regulate areas and details of behavior that lie beyond the control of law or the government. This is what differentiates ethics from legal limitations set by the governing authorities.

Thus, an important distinction to remember is that behaving ethically is not quite the same thing as behaving lawfully, as ethics are about what is right and what is wrong, while law is about what is lawful and what is unlawful. Ethics are moral guidelines, which govern good behavior. So behaving ethically is doing what is morally right. Behaving ethically in business is widely regarded as good business practice.

Ethical principles and standards in business define acceptable conduct in business and should underpin how management takes decisions. An ethical decision is one that is both legal and meets the ethical standards.

Why is training required in business ethics?

Ethics is something that we might have grown up with. We have been hearing the importance of ethical behavior from our parents, teachers etc. We might have even applied the ethical principles several times in our day to day activities personally or professionally. Why there is still the need to get trained in business ethics?

This is because training in business ethics discusses ethical issues related to business from a wide variety of methodological and disciplinary perspectives. It gives an opportunity to the participants to examine moral aspects of systems of production, consumption, marketing, advertising, social & economic accounting, labor, public relations and organizational behavior. We might be aware of moral behavior in a society, but one needs thorough guidance & training to understand ethical behavior & decisions in business.

Interest in business ethics has been increasing since 1960. It has been spurred as a result of headlines on business scandals. Ethical code in business improves organizational values, customers value the company more, cultivates strong team work & productivity, supports employee growth, avoids criminal acts, promotes strong public image, and contributes to enhanced performance. Thus, it is today necessary to have good understanding of ethics in business before getting into decision making role in any company.

Why get trained from Dr Prem?

Dr Prem being one of the leading consultants in business today has thorough understanding of every aspect of business including ethics involved in modern business. Additionally, as he has travelled throughout the globe in several countries for giving his expertise to governments & corporate across the world, he understands global culture & ethics wrt globalization as well as certain ethical codes that are specific to a certain geographic location.

Dr Prem’s workshop on business ethics will help participants define and understand ethics, understand the benefits of business ethics, create strategies to implement ethics at work, recognize social & business responsibility, identify ethical & unethical behavior and learn how to make ethical decisions and lead with integrity.

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