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Reflection- a story of Your Inner Self



To start the discussion with a saying, let’s quote what Confucius had to say about self reflection and bringing it outward and upfront.

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: first, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third, by experience, which is the most bitter.”

Though your personal rub off with the subject might have been different or at any rate more enlightening, there is reason to believe that this saying by the great philosopher is in some manner or the other justified.

Actually, look at things in a simpler manner.  We are, all of us, made of different things and are each capable of a lot of things. However, who really has the power to awaken that spirit, that particular, for the want of a better word, ‘thing’ in us?

It’s you! You, you and only you can make any real progress and make any difference whatsoever. Help will always be at hand, from others and the recent development of medical science, in some ways. Nevertheless, unless you want to see yourself in a bright light, help yourself break even and emerge stronger and in all sense, want to help yourself to achieve things, nothing can ever work.


What You Can Expect

You might already be aware of the notion that there are multiple ways to tackle a situation. The main question is; what is it that you want to do?

As said earlier, help will always be near. Nevertheless, do you even have the power to recognize that? What if, it is you who is holding back and constantly looking for reasons not to be happy about?

We are, none of us either perfect or mature. People might come across or claim that they are truly mature. However, unless that ‘thing’, that inner self is awakened successfully and in a positive manner, nothing can be done. What very few people may fail to realize is that, how they can horribly go wrong while trying to find themselves, through a journey of self realization.

For starters, alcoholism and substance abuse, along with over dosage of prescription drugs can never help you in any way. There might be a favorite rock star or somebody wild you idolize who might have given a rather tall tale about how the same ways have helped her or him to clear blockades within the self and helped in creation of something legendary, is seriously barking. In your effort to be different, how about doing something different, like write or maintain a record maybe?

Another thing is that; try not to exploit the help at hand too much. Unless you let yourself go and are left with your own devices to fend with, no amount of maturity may be achieved, whatsoever.


What Madness Might Work

You may have already heard about the saying that in order to make others laugh or rather, your God or Goddess laugh; talk about and gives details about your plans.

Thoughthere is some amount of debate about the potency of this saying, how about doing something different and not tell anybody about it?

How about conversing with yourself instead?! You might be thinking about how abysmally foolish the idea is and may even be secretly cursing; thinking that if you indeed had the power, would you not have found yourself already?

Well friends, the argument would be; what is the harm in trying it? However, another way of looking at it is; you always possess the power, no matter how different your personal views maybe. Truth is, self help or self counseling is the best shot you have. Once you start, you will see things happening and feel yourself being a part of it as well.

Breaking the Habit

Aside from being a good song by Linkin Park, there is actually much more to it than meets the eyes or the ears. Breaking your habit of constantly being in your comfort level is something you have to let go of. A comfort zone is more like a shell, that something which refused to let go off Peter Pan, so that he could grow up.

That does not necessarily have to mean that you take part in an adventure reality show or try bungee jumping. Then again, why not?

Thing is, you have to learn to accept that nothing is impossible and that you are loveable, capable and unique. Try thinking of yourself as invincible, take a chance and make some changes. Nothing but change remains constant. You must be decked up enough to confront this truth and go ahead with the changes.

Also remember, that there is in no way you will be able to be prepared all the time. So expect surprises, shocks if you will and let it in your stride. Remember too that being a control freak in every manner possible will only end up being an obstacle in your journey of self realization. Instead, be flexible and try to be positive about it.

Treat challenges as friends and failures as family. Try and you will see wonderful development.


Daring to be Happy

Following your bliss and learning to be happy is an art. Try to master it. The job is not easy. There is of course the chance that you are always looking for avenues to not being happy.

Hold that thought a bit and shift your focus somewhere else. What if you are looking in the wrong place? More than being happy or learning to be happy, you most certainly have to train yourself as to where you are looking for happiness in.

If being alone is what makes it happy, do it. There might be more time alone in the situation that you would set out to believe, but we all learn. Looking in the right place and fishing out what you need, what you have and what you require is indeed very confusing.

However, at the end of it all, contemplating all of these things will have made you stronger and helped you grow as a person.



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Dr Prem Jagyasi
Dr Prem Jagyasi
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