Things you could do while in prison

Things you could do while in prison

Search for the fire in you while in prison, to make a better destiny. The relative worth of human beings has shadowed the minds of many sociologists today. Definite standards have been laid down, for ideal social behavior patterns. But the point is – who sticks to them?

What is prison?

Prison is basically the most uninitiated negative side of a human being. It is when you cannot look beyond the problem that lead one to indulge in unwanted activities and land up in prison. These days, prisons are supposed to be utilized to rehabilitate and protect the public from those people who cannot be transformed. There are a few evolving prisons like the one in Australia. Where to keep the lawbreakers is a major problem faced by the human civilization in this millennium. Earlier, the convicted were ostracized, executed, crucified, flogged, tortured, locked up and even taken to forsaken areas on the globe. But these days, as per the new concept, the prisoners are treated well with good care. The process of rehabilitation includes education programs, Therapeutic services, and well designed prisons, to mention a few.

Remedial measures for the Indian prisoners

Say, for instance in Tihar Jail, the authorities have taken steps to enable the prisoners to participate in games and sports activities like volleyball, cricket, basketball, kho-kho, chess, carom etc. These sports activities are generally organized during the winter sports festival, popularly known in this jail as “Tihar Olympics”. Inter jail cultural meets called “Ethnic Tihar” take place in the spring season every year, with competitions in music, dance, quawali, quiz etc. There are lots of educational and vocational activities being conducted in most prisons. In Tihar Jail, the educated prisoners voluntarily teach the less literate ones.

A library with the help of non-governmental Organizations has been created in almost each jail. The prisoners are encouraged to be a part in the management of welfare activities. A sense of responsibility is created among the prisoners, by grouping them into “Panchayats”. This helps in the administrational efficiency, in the fields of Education, Legal Counseling, Public Works etc. In addition to all this, there is also the facility of yoga and meditation. This helps in cleansing and disciplining the mind. Yoga and meditation classes were initiated in Tihar, in a big way by various voluntary organizations. In fact this jail created a history by organizing a vipassana meditation camp, for over thousand prisoners.

Does the clutch of prison teach you something?

Numerous prisoners, especially those serving life sentences, as well as men who have been released from prison, are well transformed because of the workshops and relief projects in prison. Letters from prisoners: who have read the book “Prison yoga project,” at KM California State Prison, Solano. “You recently sent me your book, and it is a lifesaver. The years I have spent, trying to find peace and relaxation, I have found practicing the exercises in your book”.

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