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How to deal with Asperger’s Syndrome

Pervasive development refers to skills necessary to communicate, socialize and use and enhance one’s ideas and imagination. There exists a lag or delay in the development of these basic skills in the case of pervasive disorders. One such common disorder

when partner is cheating on you

How to deal with a cheater

When you find out that your partner is cheating on you, it raises diverse questions about how to deal with the situation and whether to continue the relationship. However, knowledge of dealing with infidelity helps in decision making.


How to deal with envious people

Though some of us would vouch that we have not been envious of others even once, it would be a blatant lie. If you are an achiever and have too many laurels in you cap, it’s likely that you meet many an envious colleague or a friend on a daily basis. H

How to deal with emotional stress

Emotional stress can be caused by various triggers such as relationship failures, bad working conditions, demise of loved ones, accidents, etc., forcing people to take recourse to unhealthy coping techniques like binge drinking and taking drugs. Emotional

Dealing with a mother in law

How to deal with a mother in law

Dealing with a mother in law, especially if she is the critical, overbearing, dominating and crazy, can be very difficult. Your mother in law will always be a part of you life because she is your spouse’s mother. But that does not mean you let her ruin

How to deal with worries

It is a universal fact that worries, along with accompanying stress and anxiety, play a significant role in our lives. They force the individual to live in irrational fear making it impossible to live normal life. They emit signals warning them of impend

help children deal with divorce

A Children’s Guide to Dealing With Parent’s Divorce

Divorce can be hard on the entire family. But for your children, it can be a traumatic experience. Although, you can’t change the conditions of your family, but you can help your child deal with divorce in these ways.

How to deal with girls

How to deal with girls

Girls are a mystery and dealing with them requires a lot of practice and tact if you really want to earn their love and be in their good books. Though all girls are different, keeping a few basic points in mind will help you keep all types of personalitie

How to deal with embarrassment

All of us have to deal with embarrassment at certain points in our lives. While for some it is a deep and scarring wound that they will never forget, others learn to laugh it off and move on. Some others learn from their mistake and vouch never to repeat

deal with being single

How to deal with being single

It’s not often that people find themselves unmarried and unattached. While being single is sometimes an imposed action, there are many other instances where being single happens because things did not work out exactly as planned. Whatever be the situati

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