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How to deal with embarrassment

All of us have to deal with embarrassment at certain points in our lives. While for some it is a deep and scarring wound that they will never forget, others learn to laugh it off and move on. Some others learn from their mistake and vouch never to repeat the mistake. Here are some ways to deal with embarrassment without having to wince in shame. Laugh it off Embarrassment should not be taken as a failure or inability to perform your best under certain circumstances. Everyone has such episodes in their life and it depends on how you choose to deal with it. While some take it personally and feel ashamed and frustrated for days on end, others just laugh it off as another embarrassing episode and move on. Taking embarrassment in a humorous sense is the best way to deal with it. Remember that the most well behaved and perfect of human beings have gone through embarrassment and have come out unscathed. Be willing to accept your mistake and laugh it off. Laugh along with others and let them feel good about your humorous attitude. But, make it a point not to repeat the incident otherwise you will become a laughing stock among others. It is also a good idea to remember embarrassing incidences in the past and how people have reacted and dealt with them at this point. This will take your focus away from your embarrassment. React normally Many people react in an awkward manner when they are embarrassed and increase their embarrassment double fold. This is a natural response and cannot be curtailed in most cases. But, it helps if you can keep your reaction simple. Many people make the mistake of explaining too much about the incident, making a fool of themselves in front of others. If you plan to explain your actions, keep it simple. Do not try to make it look like it was a real mistake when it was not. You will not be able to give a convincing picture in such cases. Be willing to accept if you have been wrong and let others respect you for your frankness and courage to admit your mistake. Keep your explanation minimal and move on to the next topic so that people will forget the episode and concentrate on other things. Defend yourself Embarrassing situations are not so easy to erase from others’ mind. This is especially true when you are a popular figure. You can discuss about it over and over again and there would be some others who want to ridicule you or make a joke about it. Others would want to publicly discuss it to taint your reputation. If you encounter such people, you must know how to deal with them rather than getting annoyed and argumentative about it and spoil relations. Either join the discussion and take things lightly or learn to ignore the punch lines. You must try to defend yourself only when someone tries to attempt a character assassination and spoil your name. In such cases, be ready to defend yourself. Again, do not over react and make things worse. Just give a simple explanation to your actions and shrug it off as a mistake that can happen to everyone. It is also important to apologize if you have hurt anyone else who too was involved in the incident. Forget and move on There are people who get so ashamed about the embarrassing incident that they think about it day and night for several days and get frustrated completely. This attitude can be very detrimental to your mental health and can affect your work and personal relationships as well. It is important to train your mind in such a way that you must be able to forget and move on. Never dwell on the incident for more than a day. Occupy your mind with other things so that you can shift your attention and forget about the incident. Learn from your mistakes If the embarrassment has affected you greatly, you might want to avoid such incidents again in your life. Be careful to be extra cautious, especially about similar circumstances where there are chances of committing the same mistakes again. If the embarrassment has been caused due to an error or incompetence on your part, be careful as to be well prepared next time so that you do not have to face such circumstances again. Also, be aware that when you have had a particularly embarrassing situation which is related to work, people will try to grill you more to create similar episodes. This is human tendency and you must be prepared to face that with confidence and power.

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