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How to deal with loneliness

If you have no friends, no social circle or possess an introvert behavior, you are sure to feel lonely. The following steps will help you overcome loneliness.

Contact and meet acquaintances

Call and mix with those you know. This includes chatting with a friendly shopkeeper or spending time with family. It is not necessary to like all the people, whom you spend time with. Everyone is not perfect and may not share the same interests, but there is always something to learn from them. Hence, do not judge people on the basis of their weaknesses and try to listen to them. Eventually, if you want to be heard, you need to be approachable too. Once you find like-minded people, you can spend more time with them.

Take up an activity

Hobbies can take up much of your free time and help kill loneliness. In addition, you will gain a feeling of achievement at the end. For instance, if you take up gardening, you will feel joy on seeing your plants bloom and give out fruits. Involvement in marathons for a social cause, church activities or organizing events in the neighborhood will also help.

Plan outings and go out

Take an initiative to plan outings with people. Go out even if it’s just going for a coffee or a movie. If everyone backs out, don’t feel low. Let the plan be on! Go to the theater and see a movie all by yourself. It will give you an opportunity to mingle with strangers and you might just end up getting company for another movie. Visit a cafe or restaurant a little away from home. Choose a public transport for your travel and make small conversation with people you meet. Sometimes just giving your seat to an elderly person will fill your heart with content. Also, make conversation with those who serve you, wherever you go. They will be pleased and so will you.

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