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How to deal with confrontation

Confrontation is best dealt by avoiding it. It is in fact a conflict of egos. With neither of the parties ready to give in, confrontation is sure to crops up. When reason is forsaken, confrontation takes over. Well, let us take a look at some of the ways


How to deal with depression and stress

Depression and stress are two of the most common and fast catching epidemics at the present hour. Following are a few ways to reduce stress and depression.

Frizzy hair seek a little extra care

How to deal with frizzy hair (2)

Frizzy hair seek a little extra care than straight hair. The tight curls can be well managed and easy to carry if you follow the tips given below.

child mostly spits to show his disregard

How to deal with spitting

A child mostly spits to show his disregard for something or to get a reaction from adults. This is a habit which can cause many problems for your child, especially at later stages. So, it becomes very important to take effective measures to make your chil


How to deal with a snoring partner

Snoring can be very annoying and especially for those people who have partners, who snore at night. This not only harms your health but also has a negative effect on your relationship with your partner. Therefore, an individual should have an idea of how

alcoholic parent

How to deal with an alcoholic parent

It’s very important to deal with the causes of the problem that leads to addiction to alcohol, which is just a symptom. By doing so, it can be ensured that the person doesn’t develop another addictive behavior, commonly known as an Addiction Transfer.

How to deal with dogs

Taming a dog and keeping it in your home can be delightful. But it should not be considered a cake walk, because there are certain problems that occur with dogs. You have to be well versed with before you decide to have one as a pet. Here’s a guide to h

allergy issues

How to deal with allergies

Allergies occur when the mast cells in the white blood cells get excessively activated by the IgE antibody which results in inflammations in the human body and causes discomfort. These can be dangerous in certain cases, but can be cured as well. Here are

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