How to deal with allergies

Allergies occur when the mast cells in the white blood cells get excessively activated by the IgE antibody which results in inflammations in the human body and causes discomfort. These can be dangerous in certain cases, but can be cured as well. Here are some ways to deal with allergies.

Purify the air in the vicinity

Many people avoid counter medications as some drugs have dangerous negative side effects. Traditional remedies are always preferred and recommended. Whether the symptoms of allergy are mild or severe, there are a few natural remedies to tackle them. One such solution is using an air purifier. It is an effective method of fighting with allergies. This non medical remedy shows best effects if installed with a HEPA filter. This ensures the efficient removal of pollen grains from the surrounding air. In turn this reduces chances of being exposed to the pollens released by some plants. A humidifier can also be used to get rid of allergens borne in the air. This natural method to tackle with allergies is most recommended. One ought to change the bed sheets and pillow covers on regular basis to avoid yeast colonies and bacteria. Another possible method to deal with allergies is to wear a mask which does not allow the coming in of dust particles and pollen into it.

Do a nasal rinse

The best way to get rid of the allergens causing the allergy is to clear the nasal passage thoroughly. Flushing out all the bacteria and allergens residing in the nasal passage is really very necessary to get relief from the allergy. One needs to purchase some saline solution form a nearby drugstore. Then, one needs to tilt the head over the sink and pour this saline solution into one of the nostrils. One must let this solution drain out from the other nostril. This will thoroughly clear the nasal passage leaving behind no bacteria or allergens. Once the nose is rinsed, the allergy tends to reduce to some extent. This will help you a lot in times of allergy as it will alleviate and lessen your level of suffering.

Indulge in taking small amounts of honey

It is recommended that all those people who are prone to allergies due to pollen grains must indulge in consuming small quantities of honey on a regular basis. It should be made a habit to eat two to three teaspoons of honey each day prior to the allergy season. This is suggested because honey contains small amounts of pollen grains in it and the human body gets accustomed to these pollens before the arrival of the allergy season. Hence, the immune system of the body does not react drastically to these allergens. Thus, allergies can be avoided to a certain extent by eating small amounts of honey all through the year.

Try acupuncture

Acupuncture treatment is basically used to strengthen the immune system of the human body. One needs to visit an acupuncturist to get this treatment. In this remedy, the meridians or the bodily channels through which energy flows are stimulated. In this way, the deep rooted immune system problems and imbalances are detected and are cured. This in turn reduces chances of allergies in the future. The treatment basically includes modification in diet and some herbal formulations. The patient gets great relief when the acupuncture needles are placed. The frequency of sneezes is also recorded. Getting acupuncture treatments reduces the dependence of a patient on allopathic medications. It is a highly recommended treatment for patients suffering from or prone to allergies.

Consume green tea

People suffering from allergies are advised to consume lots of hot liquid all throughout the day. This is to bring down the allergy symptoms and to reduce congestion in the nasal passage. It has been scientifically found that green tea has the maximum potential to provide relief by blocking a major receptor of the allergens. Hence, consumption of ample hot green tea is recommended. One can also consume tea which contains stinging nettle leaf. The nettle has histamines which attach to the receptor sites and prevent the human body’s histamines to attach to these receptor cells during an allergic reaction. This action is very similar to that of the pharmaceutical antihistamine drugs. Green tea can effectively reduce or eliminate the intake of unnecessary drugs that may show negative side effects in the long run.

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