Do not wait for luck to knock the door, go behind your dreams and strive hard to achieve success

strive hard to achieve success

Get into Action

Many misinterpret the term luck. Here is a small story which explains it better. Once there was an old man who wanted to become rich through luck, for this he constantly prayed god that he should win a lottery. He prayed for many years, this old man extended his prayers without giving up. At last he heard some voices from sky which said he should first buy a ticket to win the lottery. This story may be funny but it imparts a great lesson that luck cannot help if you refuse to get into any sort of action to attain your goals.

Work hard towards your goals to achieve success

Work hard towards your goals

Simply considering yourself unfortunate without doing anything is stupidity. First fix your goals, work towards it and then you will come to know whether you are lucky or not. We should not wait for luck to knock the door instead go behind our dreams and strive hard to achieve success.

Keep yourself up to date

One has to keep themselves updated to know about fortunate situations. For example one person is well aware about the things going on in the surroundings and outside world and the other person stays away from the outer world, career and family. It’s obvious that the person who knows about the current affairs and development would get luckier in life.

Let see a real time example, a person who reads classified ads regularly is more likely to get great money making ideas than the people who are not exposed to it. Some may even argue this is about logic and not luck. You see great deals and other opportunities doesn’t’ appear every day and also element of luck is also involved in this to an extent.

It is already there with you

mother suppporting daughter

Most of us are lucky but fail to understand it. You loving and supporting family is a very good example that you’re lucky. Many people are there who lack a family set up or don’t have a loving and caring parents or partners. This way most of us are fortunate.

There might be something call luck, but one has to develop qualities in order to digest lucky situations

Luck as said before plays a pivotal role in success. Instead of simply relying on luck, one has to develop following qualities to digest the lucky situations.

People skills

You should learn to manage and respect people and also should appreciate their attempts and efforts. Dealing with people is an important quality which is require regardless of situation. On every day we play many different role, every such role require people management skill. If you are lucky some time you might get an edge to go to top or get whatever you wanted but to be there for long time, you would need people management skill. Once you have mastered the art of winning people, you can go long way in your life as well as your career path.

Be passionate



If you are passionate about your goals, it would help you to handle the initial struggles and other obstacles which may come in the future. Being passionate, interests you to learn more about your goals and help to identify the various ways to accomplish it.

Well Organized and controlled

Lack of organization many times leads to failure whether it a small or a large business. But it is not something difficult to develop; consistent effort, practice and hard work will make you an organized and controlled person.


dedication accomplish your targets

You should be devoted to accomplish your targets. When you are dedicated to your goal, results are much faster. This is a favourable quality to digest the lucky situation.

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