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How to deal with negative people

Everybody faces a number of negative people in their life. It’s quite difficult to avoid negative people, but you can mange them by putting a little effort and practice. Here are some ways to deal with negative people.

Know their thoughts

Nobody is negative at all the times. When people think about certain situations, circumstances, failures, etc., they become negative. Just note down how people feel when they talk about a particular subject. If they feel blissful and happy about speaking about a particular topic, that’s their positive points. When they speak about the negative topics, they will feel depressed and sad about themselves. Once you analyze their behavior, you can easily understand which topics make them feel negative. Knowing whether the person is in a positive mood or in a negative mood is the important fact while dealing with negative people.

Ignore their talks

You might find negativity with your close friends or family members. In such cases, you cannot avoid them completely. In fact, you should not avoid them. Instead don’t give your attention to their talks. Just pretend as if you are paying complete attention to their talks, but divert your thoughts to something else which you like to hear from them. Don’t allow them to guess that you are not listening to their talks and don’t feel bad about it. You shouldn’t feel bad for ignoring someone’s talk because it’s just a temporary situation to avoid people’s negativity.

Change the topic

When you analyze a negative person, you can easily realize that he/she feels negative while speaking about his/her failures and losses. As they could not accept failures, they feel that sharing their failures with others could relieve them. In fact, it worsens their thoughts and feelings. One easy way to stop them from feeling negative is by changing the topic when they speak about their failures. You start a sweet conversation by pointing a cute kid on the road or a beautiful scenario outside. Divert their attention on something good. If you know him/her very well, you might change the topic to the one that will excite him/her.


When people lack motivation and confidence, they become negative. Being along with negative people won’t make you uncomfortable, but listening to their thoughts will make you feel worse. If your employees or subordinates are negative about their targets and goals, you could neither get close nor avoid them completely. In such cases, motivating them about the positive effect of their goals and targets will make them feel good. Motivation words like bonus, increment, incentives, promotion, etc., will make wonders in such employees. Depending on the situations, you should use words and methods to motivate the negative people.

Focus on your energy

You can deal with negative people only if you believe that you can weave positive thoughts in their minds. If you are not confident about your strengths, it’s quite difficult for you to deal with negative people. When you are surrounded by negative people, obviously, situations will brings you negative feelings and thoughts. But, you must focus only on your strengths and believe that you can overcome such situations anytime and anywhere. When you are confident about yourself, you can deal with negative people easily.

Be positive

As mentioned earlier, nobody is negative at all the times. You must think positive about yourself and the negative people. If you believe that you can deal with negative people, you can deal them under any circumstances. If you lose confidence about yourselves, then you will fail, irrespective of the effort you take to overcome the situations. One of the best way to deal with negative people is to think about their positive aspects in their life. When you focus on their positive points, you will not only make yourself positive, but also make them feel good about themselves.

Forgive and forget

Sometimes, negative people might worsen your entire day with their talks and feelings. You might feel terribly sad about their situations and circumstances. You may also feel bad when people share such topics with you. But when they did, you can’t change it. Just forgive them for what they did and trash such memories from your life. Forgive and forget are the two important qualities required for positive people. Life is very beautiful. Try to explore as much as you can by focusing only on positive thoughts.

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