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This Moment too Shall Pass But for Now it is Forever

Enjoy the time

Make the most of Each Moment

Love of mother and daughter


No matter what time, what day or what year it is. It is the present and you should live it as it comes. You could be living it on memories, you could be performing a task while doing it or you could be doing anything else while you are at it. You could be watching a movie, reading a book playing a sport etc. but the bottom line is that you are living it happily because this moment, this now will never come again. Hence, enjoy each season, each moment and each day as it comes. There is no point in looking at the happy memories of the past or sulking over something you didn’t do in the past. The now is in your hands and you need to enjoy it to the fullest. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes you may not know the reasons. Hence, just live through everything as happily as you can. Nothing is going to last forever, as time passes by, everything heals. You only have to stand the test of time. Seasons come and seasons go; no one likes all the seasons but you have no choice but to live through each of them. Hence, live through each season as happily as possible for you. Life is uncertain. You may die the very next moment. Hence, it is best to live in the moment and make the most of each and every moment.

Be Prepared for Life

Be Prepared for Life


Sometimes life throws happy surprises at you and at other times, it throws you into a deep dark hole. It is up to you the way you take the situation. You could be fighting through the worst of the situations or letting everything topple down over you. It all depends entirely on you. Sometimes you can do nothing but wait and watch while at other times you need to harden yourself up. You come off strong out of each situation. Hence, be prepared for everything but don’t waste a lot of time planning the future. For, if you waste the present moment for planning an uncertain future who knows the future will never come and the present shall also be wasted. Hence, even if you are to live the moment, face the future head on because even the future shall become a moment of the present sooner or later. If you sense danger, be prepared for it. It is necessary to take a few moments for preparation of this danger. Use your time productively. Study your ownself, see where you are going wrong and throw away the obstacles that are blocking your improvement. Take time off for yourself from your busy schedule. This is what is called truly living in the moment. Sometimes, you learn a lot just by being a silent observer. Try being the same and see how it goes for you. Become one with nature and experience exhilaration.

Play your Game Well

Beyond the Limit


Sometimes, life shall be like smooth roads and at other times like barren land. Sometimes you shall be the happiest of all and sometimes the saddest of all. Remember it is your karma that comes back to you. For, you have planted the seeds for whatever is happening to you. Hence, don’t worry, things will pass. Look at the brighter side of things and play along with life. Everyone has problems in their life and life is never a straight road. How you tackle these problems and move forward depends entirely on you. Just like the backstreet boys say “We have joy, we have fun, and we have seasons in the sun”. You have been wise enough to get unto this stage of life. Now use all the wisdom that you have gathered to live your life further. This way you will falter less and succeed more. For, you have learnt your game well and are slowly gaining mastery at your art. It is logical for you to implement it as you go by, thereby getting more and more successful as time passes by. Each moment is forever when it is there and never when it is gone. Hence, treat each moment with respect and use it as wisely as you can. Play your game moment by moment, on a short term basis.

Only for a Moment

Remember that in living the moment, you have to play by the rules. Do not hurt those around you and do not over step the law. At the same time, don’t let the circumstances rule you; instead, you rule the circumstances. It all depends on your perspective and the way you look at things. Whatever you decide to do, remember that it is for the moment only and the next moment it shall pass. Sometimes, you rely on your heart, sometimes your brain and sometimes your thoughts. All of this entirely depends on the situation or as it is said on “The moment” itself.

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