How to deal with conflicts on minor issues at home?

Human life is filled with ups and downs and they have to learn to live with them. Just like good times conflicts too is an inseparable part of life. You cannot avoid them at many times but you can certainly learn to deal with them in an effective manner. Conflicts do not need a specific time or place to occur as they can happen at home or in office. Some common sense and some techniques is all you need to handle conflicts that rise of minor issues. These tips will come in handy when you find yourself in a tough place.

Conflicts are basically raised from the difference in the view points over a certain matter and they can occur between spouses, parents and even siblings. The first very important tip to handle minor issue conflicts is to prevent the argument to catch heat and intensify. When the matters can be solved before going out of hand then make sure it remains that way. If the conflict is between parents then it is not only them who get affected by it as the kids in the house also take notes from them.

Attending to everyone’s emotions is another way to tackle conflicts at home front. It might be the case that you find the other view point not satisfactory but looking like you do at that very moment can do wonders. A family meeting is also a wonderful way to sort out issues and attend to everyone’s problems. Through a family meeting every one gets a chance to share what they feel and this way each family member can help and share. Everyone has stress these days regarding different things in their life. Gone are those days when kids used to enjoy their childhood as today even the young ones have issues of their own!


If you wish to avoid minor conflicts at home then you should try and share some responsibilities of the household. If you take some pressure off the family members then it would be great for them and you as well. It is the duty of each member of the family to take up certain responsibilities and work as a team. Conflicts are definitely not something that can be erased from life but that does not mean that you cannot avoid them every now and then.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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